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Aug 15, 2017 • Access
Stay Ahead of Cyber Crime - CM Two-Factor Authenticator
Business are moving to cloud-based services. Alongside its many great benefits, organisation become more vulnerable to the outside world. Most of today’s online environments are only secured by a username and password, making them an easy target for hackers.
Jun 24, 2016 • Access
“Too little awareness for securing our mobile devices”
“Today, we see a rising number of fraud cases with and hacks through our mobile smartphones, something that was rarely seen some years ago. Until now. Our mobile phones have become an attractive target for criminals.”
Mar 05, 2015 • Access
The New Mobile Identity: more security, more privacy
Safer, more secure and with more convenience. The mobile identity has been lacking efficiency, was too complicated for developers and missed engagement opportunities. Until now.
Dec 02, 2014 • Access
‘The password is fundamentally broken. How do we protect ourselves?’
Kimo Quaintance is ‘trying to get his head around of what’s happening in the social world and the political world because of the changes in the digital age’. He spoke at Mobile Convention Brussels on security in a digitizing society.
Aug 26, 2014 • Access
Online portal security Turien & Co. leading with SMS verification
Insurance Broker Turien & Co. implemented SMS verification into their online client portal in June 2014. SMS verification was installed well before a new measure – UM09 – ordered more security for logging in at client portals.
May 12, 2014 • Access
Webinar Quality tokenless authentication using SMS
What can we do to secure our IT-environment? More people and businesses are looking to find the answer to this question. CM initiated a webinar that provided mobile related answers to this question.

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