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Messaging improves and saves on customer interaction with CM's SIP Trunking and SMS Gateway processes more than one million restaurant orders per month in The Netherlands alone. With representation in 10 countries throughout Europe, approximately 800 calls a day are started with customers per office. uses CM's SIP Trunking and SMS Gateway to do so.

Not yet quite as simple was founded in 2000 by Jitse Groen, the present CEO of the company. Jitse came up with the idea of connecting restaurants and consumers during a family party. The party wanted to order some food but discovered that this was not quite as simple as it is nowadays. was born.

Europe and Vietnam

At that time, was one of the first online food-and-order websites in the world. Around the year 2000 most people logged into the internet with a 28k8 modem. Sixteen years later, is active in 10 countries in Europe and in Vietnam, has over 800 employees, and even has its own delivery service. attracted investments of 13 million Euros and 74 million Euros respectively in 2012 and 2014 to enable it to continue its expansion.

Customer contact gets in touch with subscribing restaurants by phone if the order cannot be delivered to

the restaurant through the normal method of delivery (fax, electronic cash system, email, etc.). When the order has been placed, sends a text message to the customer in which the order is confirmed or a time of delivery is given. uses both the sms and SIP Trunking services from one platform, offered by CM, which connects the entire telephone environment of with the public telephone network (PSTN).

Click-to-call with SIP Trunk

The company uses CM’s SIP Trunking solution for outbound calls for the click-to-call follow-up calls of deliveries. recently switched completely from various VoIP connections with other telecommunications providers to CM’s SIP Trunking solution. "CM's voice services were added at later than text”, explains Technology Director Sander Kole of “For years now we have been sending text messages through CM's platform to the satisfaction of customers, to let them know that their order is being processed, or at what time they can expect their order to be delivered. Later, telephony was included as an additional channel of contact to be able to call restaurants about orders."

Quickly scalable and high quality

Besides this, is also counting on the numerous advantages CM's SIP Trunking has to offer. With CM's SIP Trunk connections all the branches of are able to make outbound calls as if they were a single virtual customer contact centre. Because the CM solution is particularly scalable, a new location can quickly be added. In doing so, the high quality of the calls set up through the CM Trunk always comes first and foremost. Kole: “The quality of CM’s SIP Trunk is good and can without a doubt be compared with traditional telephone connections based on ISDN. Otherwise we would not opt for such a construction. In addition, the switch to CM's Voice platform was implemented easily and quickly.

'Volumes immediately yield savings'

Now has been calling through CM's platform for some time, it can be concluded that, besides being convenient, savings of approximately 40% have been realised in comparison with previously connected providers. "Calling is simply expensive", Kole explains. "Taking the volumes of, we were able to immediately realise considerable savings, without loss of quality. As a partner CM shows great willingness to contribute to the improvement of the organisation in that area. In contrast to other providers, CM's employees immediately respond when we have a question and often pro-actively provide a proper solution."

Would you like to know how much your organisation can save with SIP Trunking? Get in touch with our specialist, Sven van Gurp. 

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More on sip trunking

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