Telecom industry puts focus on sustainable society

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Colao MWC Keynote

The introduction of 4G already made it possible, 5G however will accelerate the growth of a so called GigaBit Society, which connects people, machines and devices all together.

The CEO’s of telecom giants like Vodafone, China Mobile and the GSMA itself see vast opportunities for IoT now 5G is being rolled out steadily. The telecom providers have connected half of the world already. “Worldwide there are 7,6 mobile connections, 50% is mobile broadband”, he says at the opening keynote of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Huge shift

China Mobile has seen a huge shift to data: in 2015 data usage grew 150%, CEO Shang Bing explains. “The Internet of Things has shown a remarkable growth and is now valued at 60 billion dollars”, Mr. Shang Bing says.

Entire planet

The MNO’s together put the focus on the society and aspire to put 5G to work for the entire planet. “The Gigabit Society will simplify things in all verticals”, Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao explains. We’ve put the focus on the Gigabit Society: very high speed, low latency, ultra dense coverage, secure exchange of data: we’re building that right now.” The Gigabit Society and the Internet of Things together can help improve global issues as pollution, malnutrition etc.

Great benefits

Mr. Collao: “The IoT transformation has already brought some great benefits. There’s 18% less CO2 emission for cars, 8% fewer car crashes, a 74% drop in hospital admissions and 24% lower CO2 emission per year. The whole planet has a lot to gain from this big shift to gigabit/Gigabit Society.”

Accelerate IoT services

The GSMA has tightened connections with the United Nations in order to accelerate the process of implementing IoT services for a more sustainable society. Both have embraced the 17 sustainability goals. 

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