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The What and Why of WhatsApp Customer Care

WhatsApp customer care enables organisations to answer customers' questions through this popular communications' app. While the providing organisation usually pays a small fee for the service, it's free of charge for the customer and incredibly easy to use. Here's everything you need to know about WhatsApp for customer care.

Why WhatsApp Business?

This is undoubtedly one of the most powerful communications' apps on the planet and extremely beneficial as a tool for business. Here's why it's great to use:

  • WhatsApp has grown to an incredible 2 billion loyal users in 2021, which means – as with SMS – there are no obstacles in terms of low audience numbers. 
  • WhatsApp is an incredibly fast platform that sends a straightforward text message in milliseconds, so you have near-instant reach. 
  • WhatsApp provides a wealth of information related to messages, including whether a message has been successfully sent and received; whether users are online; whether a message has been read or not; as well as when someone has left a group chat. This level of detail can be leveraged for business use.

How To Promote WhatsApp for Customer Care?

Dashboards and Email:

Businesses like BBC and Nieuwsuur can set up dashboard tools to process WhatsApp communications. Although this is tricky, because WhatsApp doesn't publish an official API, these companies can catch WhatsApp traffic, funnel it to dashboards or email clients.

Product Packaging:

By including a QR code on product packaging, your brand gives WhatsApp users instant contact with your customer service team via a mobile phone. The accessibility and instant response creates a sense of trust for customers, alleviates fears and encourages the sale.

Contact Page:

Perhaps the most obvious place to advertise your WhatsApp presence is on your Contact Us page. By promoting WhatsApp as a communication channel on your contact page, you will notice a decline in the number of incoming calls resulting in cost and time savings. 

Printed Adverts, Catalogues and Flyers:

WhatsApp is an easy way to move the offline customer journey online. Sounds complicated? Far from it! You need to include the popular QR code or link in distributed advertising and invite customers to engage with you directly. 

Social Media Advertising:

As with the printed advertising, you can also include the link or QR code in your social media advertising campaign. This lets you engage with your consumers through their favourite social media platform. 

Your Product Pages and Blogs:

No doubt, your product pages are optimised for user experience, conversion and optimised for mobile use. But what if your visitor has a question? You don’t want visitors searching for ways to contact you before losing interest and leaving your site. Instead, you can include a link on your product page that starts a WhatsApp conversation via the mobile phone or computer.

Your Website:

Many brands give consumers the possibility to chat via the website, but this is typically only available when the website is open and closed if the user doesn't respond in time.

The best solution is to add the WhatsApp channel to your website chat or webshop; this change is the most visible and easiest to implement. With this QR code, your visitors will have three ways to get started with WhatsApp: 

  • When visiting your website on a desktop or tablet, the chat pop-up will show a QR code. By scanning this code with their mobile phone, visitors will automatically open a chat with your customer care agent.
  • When visiting your website on a desktop or tablet, visitors can also choose to use WhatsApp web instead. This way, they can start the conversation on their desktop or tablet.
  • When the visitor visits your website on a mobile device, clicking the chat option will automatically open the WhatsApp chat. Starting a conversation will be as easy as chatting with their friends.

The Receipt:

Customer care is often the most important after-sale, which is when you can make a lasting impression – good or bad.

To make a great first impression, you first need to make yourself accessible in case of a question or problem. Secondly, reducing the wait is crucial and, thirdly, providing a high quality of service.

All of this can be achieved by adding WhatsApp as an easy way to reach your customer care team. Add the QR code on your receipt to direct customers to your WhatsApp channel. 

*Added Benefits for Android and Apple Users

You can also add RCS (rich communication services) to Android messages and Apple Messages for Business (ABC) for users that visit your website using an iPhone.

When using an Android device, the WhatsApp and Android options will be shown.

However, when using an iOS device, ABC can be added next to WhatsApp, giving customers the benefit of choice. Displaying a communication channel that won’t work will depreciate the value, which is why we’ve incorporated this in our code

What is the Whatsapp Customer Care Window?

When a customer contacts you or replies to you via WhatsApp, the customer care window is opened, allowing you to benefit from the WhatsApp Business solution.

The WhatsApp customer care window provides a 24-hour timeframe to communicate with customers using 'session messages'.

This is a real-time, interactive chat with rich media capabilities - without the WhatsApp fee.

Although pre-approved message templates are possible, this format is not limited to such a format.

How to Keep the WhatsApp Conversation Going

If you want to continue the conversation after the 24-hour customer care window has ended, you can send a single message template.

However, this is only allowed if you have an active opt-in from the customer.

For example:

"We have a new update regarding your ticket {ticket_ID}. 

Please respond if you want to continue support." 

If your customer then sends a reply to your message, a new customer care window will open, and you will regain the possibility to send session messages.

How to Improve Customer Care With The WhatsApp Business Solution?

By making smart use of message templates and the customer care window, you can use WhatsApp Business as an easy and user-friendly channel for customer care. Here’s how:

1. Message Templates

One of the main benefits of the WhatsApp Business solution is the use of message templates to proactively reach out to customers once they have opted in.

These text templates can also be used to answer the most common questions more quickly.

2. Quick Replies

These are general messages that can be sent when, for example, a customer reaches out to you with a question about a lost package.

If your customers know they will get a response via WhatsApp quickly, they will not feel the need to pick up the phone and call you to speed up the process.

3. Make Calling Unnecessary

Being accessible via your consumer’s favourite messaging channel will drastically reduce the number of incoming phone calls.

This will easily save you, on average, around 3 to 5 minutes per customer question, as phone calls are the most time-consuming of all customer care channels.

How Do I Get the WhatsApp Business Solution?

As an official WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, you can easily connect to the WhatsApp Business solution via the platform.

With our innovative platform, you can choose to implement the API into your existing software, or you can use our Mobile Service Cloud solution, designed especially to make the life of the customer care agent a bit easier. Quite a lot easier, in fact!

Combine SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Email and Voice into one customer contact dashboard.

This dashboard creates order in the overload of communication channels and saves valuable time from your employees.  

Get started with the WhatsApp Business solution now or find out more about Mobile Service Cloud first.

connects tens of thousands of companies with millions of consumers via their mobile phone each day. Behind the scenes, from our innovative platform, makes sure companies can use these millions of messages, phone calls and payments to become part of people’s lives.

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