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This holiday season: the season of giving the best customer experience

The days become longer, and the night's shorter - that means summer and the holiday season is upon us. It also means Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and all the fun festivities surrounding it is just about here. For businesses in for example the retail or leisure and hospitality sector, this is one of the busiest times of the year. Have you prepared your business to give your customers the best customer experience possible during this festive season? In this blog post, you'll find relevant tips on how to do so.

Tip 1: Mobile first

2018 was the first year where mobile shopping eclipsed desktop during the holiday shopping season, according to Salesforce. 48% of the orders were placed on a mobile phone compared to 44% from computers. Mobile is indispensable to your communication strategy. Make sure your website, apps and other communication means are mobile friendly and easy to navigate. But that's not all, how about using mobile in your marketing strategy?

Tip 2: The first SMS ever sent was ‘Merry Christmas’

The first SMS was sent in 1992 by Neil Papworth with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ which marked the beginning of mobile messaging. Nowadays, SMS is something we all know. Do you think it’s outdated? Think twice. SMS campaigns are still the campaigns with the highest open rates, an average of 98%, compared to all other communication tools. You can send your customer or guests a flash sale notification for Black Friday through SMS or you can wish them a Merry Christmas. You’re sending your message straight to your customers pockets. It’s an easy and affordable way to engage with your customers and to boost sales.

Tip 3: Personalisation boosts conversions

From experience, to services and products, consumers are willing to spend more when they're experience is personalised. Using data in a strategic way allows businesses to meet consumers more frequently during their shopping journeys. Personalised touch points improve the overall experience. If you analyse your customers’ behaviour, you can exactly see what they are interested in and offer them the best deal (for example by sending an SMS) for the products they're most interested in. For example: Matt added a pair of sneakers to his basket a few times. Give him a discount code to avoid hesitation again and buy the shoes. By using personalised touch points, customers will feel special and valued, especially during the holiday season where it can get hectic already.

Read our latest blog post for a more detailed look into The Marketing Cloud: a toolkit for hyper-personalized mobile communication.

Tip 4: Customer Service

With a busy month ahead, wand a lot of customers, the amount of questions will become bigger and will put pressure on your customer service department. To ensure everyone receives help, make sure your customer service is organised well. Customer expectations are changing – they want everything now, on their terms, and expect to interact in ways that suit them. 54% of the worldwide customers said they have higher expectations compared to last year when it comes to customer service. Make sure you offer the communication channels that your customers prefer. How to manage all these different channels? Very easy, we offers multiple communication channels through one API.

Tip 5: Be where your customers are

As just mentioned, customer expectations are changing, not only when it comes to customer service. Make sure you stand out and be there where your customers are. Communicate with them through channels that they prefer. Think of WhatsApp, the most used messaging channel in the world. There are many ways to use WhatsApp for the holiday season from creative campaign ideas to customer service. Want to learn more? We have created a guide to explain it all - download it below.

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