(TOP 7 PREDICTIONS) What will you be focusing on in Mobile in 2015?

2015 is coming soon and (re-) thinking about mobile (first) strategy will be more important than ever. Whether your day-to-day focus is business management, marketing, sales, customer Relationship management, the mobile device has increasingly become the preferred tool for work and communication. How should you deal with this opportunity or challenges? The CM media team ask it to the mobile visionaries during Mobile Convention Brussels, and this is what they predict for 2015!

TOP Mobile Trends in 2015

(1) The rise of API’S

Filip Nuytemans, from much-discussed Uber predicts the use of API’s will grow exponentially in 2015. In their own case Uber provides an API that can be built into third-party apps. For example, airlines can connect to the Uber API which allows them to book taxis for their own passengers.

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(2) The availability of Beacons

According to Chris Heilmann, Kimo Quiantance & Jeroen Lemaire, Beacons will make an interesting progression. The opportunity to leverage the way of interaction for offline shops or offices can be a great solution for them. 2014 was the year of the early adoption of Beacons, but in 2015 it becomes Mainstream. We get more and more mobile notifications in 2015 and this will have a big impact on our mobile environment.

Watch the full Beacon session:


(3) Mobile Security – The password is fundamentally broken.

The system of only a password is fundamentally broken because the complexity and the number of passwords for different services make it unmanageable. It’s impossible to keep a secure credential for each one and keep it in your head. The ability for hackers to steal your password is increasing.  Kimo Quiantance recommends the use of Two-Factor Authentication, because it is the basic way to secure your environment. The password manager will get a more important role in mobile & online behaviour.

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(4) The breakthrough of Mobile Payments

2015 means a new step forward for making mobile payments accessible. With a lot of techniques available like NFC, SMS, contactless, numerous new challenges arise on security, user experience and the preparedness to integrate it for shops and other companies.

(5) Virtual reality is accessible for everyone

Virtual Reality (VR) will reach the next level of his roll out. As we had seen in 2014, a computer simulated environment like the Oculus Rift is quite popular but is not accessible and affordable for everyone on this moment.  Kimo Quiantance expects this will have a great impact on the development of mobile technology.

(6) The combination of the best of both worlds: Hybrid Messaging

As Yannic Beckers, managing director of CM Telecom Belgium, said before, in 2015 there will be a shift from SMS to a more Hybrid Messaging Solution with Push notifications & Voice integration. The channel is not important. Getting the message delivered is what counts

(7) WhatsApp for companies

Businesses increasingly see benefits in using the messaging app WhatsApp to reach out customers. Today, various news websites integrated WhatsApp to interact with readers. We are happy to be introducing this application shortly. CEO of CM, Jeroen van Glabbeek: “We’ve thought about developing this interface for a long time, because we get so many questions regarding this topic. We could no longer ignore all the questions and the demand for this application.

In Short

There are a lot of expected trends from different perspectives. The way of messaging will change through Beacons, WhatsApp & Hybrid Messaging. On the other hand it will be really necessary to think about the safety of the security of all services. And make sure to consider the integration of Mobile Payments & API’s in 2015.

What will you be focussing on in mobile in 2015? Let us know via Twitter.

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