Waiting for years to get a second chance?

Brazil has many temptations: the white sands of Copacabana, the beautiful ladies, the hot burning sun and breath-taking views of surrounding mountains. In short: not the best conditions for soccer players this summer during the World Cup that are eager to perform and want to take the Copa del Mundo home.

Waiting for years to get a second chance?

Four long years

Even the best players get distracted and everyone wants a second chance sometimes. And that is exactly what every participant of the World Cup gets: a retry to become world’s best national soccer team of the world. They only had to wait for a minimum of four long years for that second chance.

Straight to goal

CM’s messaging service is never affected by distractions, no matter what distractions and where they occur. We send text or push messages without a detour straight to their goal. Up to 2000 messages sent per second, we guarantee a delivery time of up to 10 seconds. And if one single text message can’t resist the distractions and goes missing along the way unexpectedly, we’ll simply retry using a different route until the message has been delivered correctly. To ensure the message is delivered correctly, the Network Operating Center monitors all messages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Retry service

CM’s unique retry service automatically detects whether your messages have been delivered or not. Our platform analyses its route and retries to deliver it again. As a service and for transparency, you’ll be able to see which messages are delivered or not in the delivery report dashboard.

Optimal security and very fast delivery

CM is a messaging leader worldwide and sends SMS and Push messages to over 200 countries. In order to provide the highest quality, it is crucial to have the right connection with the right partners. Direct connections with these partners guarantee optimal security and very fast delivery of all messaging traffic. Over 6,000 customers benefit from the unique retry service, knowing that each message is delivered safely and quickly.

Score for yourself!

Curious about this unique retry service and want to experience the power of CM’s SMS Gateway yourself? Signing in and setting up is done in just seconds. During this World Championship you will have 10 chances to score for yourself. On top of that there is a lowest price guarantee and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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