Webinar Hybrid Messaging: Is your mobile engagement strategy future-proof?

It’s increasingly difficult reaching out to and interact with customers and clients. Demands are higher in a landscape stuffed with different communication channels. To which extend is your mobile engagement strategy future-proof?

Hybrid Messaging


  • Update 9 september 2016: The content of this article is outdated. You can view the webinar here

Sms has long been the standard form of mobile communications. The first text message was sent in 1992 from a PC to a mobile device. With the introduction of the smartphone in 2007 a whole new mobile communication channel arose: push notifications. Both sms as the push notification are widely accepted and used by many.

Both channels however have their disadvantages. Sms comes with a cost, for a push notification to arrive, a device needs to be connected to the internet. How would you choose when to apply which channel to reach your target audience at low cost?

Well, you don’t choose at all. We’ll combine them for you. How?

CM Telecom invites you to register for the free webinar on Hybrid Messaging: a clever way of automatically combining mobile communication channels as sms and push notifications. We’ll show you how and when to use Hybrid Messaging from one mobile platform and how you simultaneously save on costs when doing so.

Feel like learning more on Hybrid Messaging already?

Hybrid Messaging: The future of cross platform messaging | SMS, Voice & Push Combined from CM Telecom

View the webinar here!

View the webinar here!
View the webinar here!

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