Updates to the opt-in policy for business-initiated messages via the WhatsApp Business API

On July 9th, WhatsApp will update its opt-in policy and will improve the quality rating. A valuable update that enables you to maintain the high level of service you provide through the favourite channel of your customers.

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Old opt-in policy

Before being able to send notifications to your customers, businesses are required to obtain an active opt-in. WhatsApp has a policy describing what such an opt-in should look like. What did the old policy state? There were 3 main points:

  1. The policy always stated clearly that an opt-in should be obtained on a third-party channel i.e. outside of WhatsApp.
  2. There should be a visual element like a check box with the WhatsApp logo and information about what you are opting in for.
  3. A customer should be able to change their phone number or be able to opt-out.
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New opt-in policy

In the new opt-in policy of WhatsApp, the rules are simplified. Simple enough, you must get a clear opt-in. However, where you get this opt-in is up to you.

You can now get creative and use an IVR flow or just request this opt-in while talking to your customer on WhatsApp. As long as you get a clear opt-in all is good - a welcome and exciting change.

You are obliged to ask your customers for an opt-in that clearly states:

  1. That you are opting in for receiving messages through WhatsApp.
  2. The name of the business you are opting in for.
  3. The business is responsible for complying to local applicable law.

Find more creative ways on how to collect op-ins for WhatsApp.

High quality messaging

WhatsApp remains a high-quality messaging channel, where the end user experience is by far the most important aspect. Therefore, the opt-in policy is an essential part of the contract you sign with your WhatsApp Business Solution Provider.

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You aim to provide the best service and buying experience for your customers. The last thing you want is for your customers or even prospective customers to report your communication through WhatsApp as spam or even block you because of that. We encourage you to read the following tips on how to keep a high quality rating of your connection.

A more flexible opt-in policy does not mean that you should care less about the customer experience you offer. Here are 3 tips that can help you.

3 tips to keep the customer experience up to standard:

  1. Tell your customers what kind of updates you plan on sending, for example, reservation updates, policy updates, appointment reminders and so on.
  2. Do not spam your customers, but only send notifications that are really useful.
  3. Provide your customers with an instruction on how they can opt-out.

For more information about the updates in the business policy have a look at the WhatsApp Business policy.

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