Zuckerberg: ‘New mobile data plans grow sms and voice usage’

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Mark Zuckerberg at Mobile World Congress

People starting to own and use mobile data plans, will utilise sms and voice services more over time, Mark Zuckerberg told delegates from operators and Wired journalist Jessi Hempel. “Free mobile internet drives the use of sms and voice.”

At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona Mr. Zuckerberg informed delegates and the audience on the process internet.org has made so far. The Facebook-led initiative aspires to connect rural places and people to the internet using basic internet services. 

Get the world connected

internet.org launched recently in five countries like Zambia, Colombia and India. The aim is to let the world connect to the internet for the use of crucial services like health information and finance updates. 

Indispensible operator investments

Mr. Zuckerberg paid a tribute to worldwide operators for their efforts of laying the infrastructure and investing billions of dollars to ensure connectivity worldwide. He urges operators to provide free use of mobile data so internet rookies could taste from it, ‘after which they’ll discover the value of it and be more inclined to pay for mobile data.’

Yogyakarta as cybervillage

“Since we launched internet.org in Africa, India and Colombia, we’ve been giving people real jobs, and services”, Mr. Zuckerberg motivated. “We see how connectivity is impacting people, like in Yogyakarta - which I now call cybervillage. Young adults there have been using mobile data attracting people from other villages who want to discover the benefits of being connected too. It is cool to see that change happening.”

Start sending SMS

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