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Frequently asked questions

How can I add and manage contacts and groups in my address book?

Is it possible to send concatenated SMS messages?

How can I add new users?

How can I personalise an SMS Campaign?

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Why and when are SIP account blocked?

How can I start with Voice API?

How do I use Voice Analytics?

I want to move or register an inbound number (range). How can I do that?

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I configured a service but billing doesn't work?

How can I get my IPs whitelisted?

Can I change the welcome message text message?

Is there a process that automatically cancels subscriptions?

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What is 2FA?

Can anyone use iDIN?

What information can an acceptor receive from a consumer?

What happens when a customer uses a shared account?

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New status page

At, we commit to offering you the most stable platform possible. If you want to verify whether all systems are fully operational or under maintenance, just reach out to our new Status page at

The status page will replace this RSS feed. You can subscribe to to receive updates via e-mail, SMS and/or RSS.

11-12-2018 09:21 - By: CM Telecom
Voice Outbound 02 problems RESOLVED

The instability problems on our Outbound02 platform have been resolved. You may switch back to your primary trunk.

11-12-2018 08:52 - By: CM Telecom

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