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How can I Export a segment?

Colinda Leemans
Colinda Leemans
Updated 3 years ago


There are multiple ways to export a segment. You can export a segment to the Adress Book, Facebook audience and to a CSV-file.

The first way to export a segment to Address Book and Facebook audience, is from the Segment overview.

When in the Segment overview, you press on the 3 dots on the right from the segment you want to export. The menu below opens, from there on you can choose to Sync it with the Address Book. If you want to export it to your Facebook Audience you press Export to Audience.

How to export to Adress book or Facebook

There are multiple ways to export your Segment to CSV. One way is to go into you Segment by pressing on it in the overview.

You get in the screen below, if you press on the 3 dots in the right top corner you can select to Export your Segment. Then you will download a CSV-file with your segment in it. If you want to delete the profiles of your Segment, you can choose to Erase all profiles. BE CAREFULL THIS WILL DELETE THE PROFILES FROM THE CUSTOMER DATA PLATFORM AS WELL.

How to export your segments

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