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Request a refund

Mitchell Tolhuisen
Updated 2 years ago

Due to various reasons a refund can be initiated. This article gives a step-by-step explanation and links to the form to initiate a refund.

First things first. If you want to refund 20 or more order simultaneously please contact your account manager or send the request to [email protected] State explicitly that you want to refund more than 20 orders simultaneously.

How to use the refund form

First of all, do not send the refund form to the visitor of your event! If your visitor sends the form to other guests they are able to request a refund as well without your permission.

You can use the form whenever you want to initiate a refund. But be precise in what you fill out. Because this is an automated process, the values (e.g. IBAN) are leading in the outpayment of the refund.

You can ask your account manager to send you the form, or contact us through [email protected] Note that per refund the refund form has to be filled in.

If you have additional questions please contact your account manager.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Ask your account manager to send you the form, or contact us through [email protected]

  2. Follow the steps in the form.

  3. The form is submitted and the ticketing team will process your request.

  4. Within 10 working days the amount is wired back to your visitors bankaccount.

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