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What companies can get an official WhatsApp Business account?
Updated 2 years ago

A business account on WhatsApp can either be listed as an "Official business account" or a regular "Business account". An Official Business account can be recognized by a green check behind the company name in WhatsApp.

NOTE: Currently WhatsApp "Official Business accounts" are in a VERY early phase and rarely approved by WhatsApp. We can request an Official Business Account for you, but we cannot promise when or if at all you will be granted a WhatsApp Official Business account.

All business accounts on WhatsApp Business have gone through some level of verification. This means that WhatsApp knows where that business is located and who they are.

Listing a business as an "Official Business account" is based on a variety of additional factors which WhatsApp does not publicly share. It includes criteria like; do you uniquely own the brand; is the brand globally notable; and more. A business cannot pay WhatsApp, or their partners like, to turn a "Business account" into an "Official business account" and no business is in any way 'entitled' to an Official business account.

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