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Create a Form and store data using Pages

Remco Magielse
Remco Magielse
Updated 1 year ago

Form elements are Premium elements for your Page and they are by default locked and not available (see image below). This means that you must upgrade your Page to Premium to unlock form elements.


Creating your form

Once you have upgraded your Page to Premium you will have unlocked the Form elements (see image below).


You can now setup and create your Form. The following components can be used to create a Form:

  • Text Input fields
  • Dropdown boxes
  • Checkboxes

You can organize these components to your liking on a section on a Page.


For each Form element you can define the Label. This is the text that will be displayed to the user and provides information on what data should be entered or selected.


For a Text Input Field you can also define a Hint. This is the text that will be displayed to the user when the field is empty.


For a Text Input Field and for Dropdowns you can also provide Value(s). For a Text Input Field this will already pre-fill some information. That may be useful in case you already want to suggest a certain value for a user, or if you already have information linked from your Address book. If you leave it empty users can enter information themselves. For a Dropdown the values define what the user can choose from. You can add more values by clicking "Add value". You can re-order values by dragging the handles on the left of each option.


For all components you can specify whether that component is required to complete the form. If you make the field required the form cannot be submitted without entering or selecting a value.


Note: It is important that you add a button at the end of your Form.

The button can be configured in two ways:

  1. Store information to statistics
  2. Insert information into an Address book

Storing information to the statistics is the simplest way, and is done automatically. Inserting information into address book requires additional configuration.

You can determine yourself how you want to capture the information.

Store as CSV

When you store as CSV, the information will be available in the Page statistics. In the statistics for that Page you can download the captured information into a CSV. All the elements of your form will be provided as separate columns. The "Label" will be used as heading for each column.

You can find more information on Advanced Statistics in this Help Center article.

Insert information into an Address book

When you want to directly insert information in Address book you have to configure your Address book to accept custom fields.

When you want to insert information into Address book you have to define the following:

  1. Which Address book to write to: this is configured in the settings of the button
  2. Which Form element should be mapped to which Address book field: this is configured in the settings of each component.

Once you have setup your Address book you can link every form element to a corresponding field in Pages. Select "Store in Address book" for the Submit button. This will establish the link between Pages and Address book. Then select the Address book you want to write to.


Once you have selected the Address book to store information in, you have to select for each form element the field to write the information to.


Once you have set up every field in this way, the information that you want to capture is directly written into an Address book, and can be used for your next Campaign!

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