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Getting started

Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 1 year ago

Access to the application: Please Register to our platform. Do you already have a account, then Log in

Once you are signed in, you can find pre-selected apps in the overview. Platform Dashboard

When you cannot find the Customer Contact application : Click on the app icon and/or than click on “Explore all apps”. You will find the Customer Contact application in your list with available apps. - explore all CM apps Platform navigation

Once requested, we install customer contact on your online profile, nothing will be installed on your PC. To help you with the navigation there is a small on boarding flow, to educate you on the most important features of the chat-system. To make the set-up easy, we will also help you navigating trough the most commonly used features. So you can get started right away. You can always get back to those items when required. - your customer contact inbox without conversations

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