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Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 1 year ago

When you find you are repeating yourself, we can help you work more efficient. The Quick replies are there to help. When you click on the text-bubble in the type bar. A pop-up will appear with all your quick-replies.

cm.com - customer contact quick replies

When you have grouped your quick replies, click on the category, and trough till you found your matching answer. This menu works with tab, arrows (up and down), enter as well as your mouse. Additionally, each group can be called for by using the exclamation mark in the text bar. When you continue typing you will find your matching answer and click enter.

CM.com - customer contact quick replies

In above case we are in the grouped Thank You (!ty.. ) messages.

When a quick reply holds placeholder values, like { first name }, those will be automatically filled with the known information from the chat. When the system is not able to identify the value, it will be marked red and the Send button is de-activated to protect you from sending incorrect information. You can then add those missing items can be added.

In the example (!ty3), the customer user is called “Lawrence”, and in the quick reply there was a placeholder value {{Customer}}; thus Lawrence.

CM.com - customized quick replies automated

Via Settings you can add/alter the quick replies. You can set-up an unlimited amount of pre-defined messages. To make sure that there is some order in your list, you can group them.

CM.com - customer contact quick replies

Via the PLUS sign you can create a new group. Based on the name you assign to the group, we also define how to have quick access to those groups once you are in a conversation/chat. You can change the name of the group any time, also your quick-access keys will change.

Once you have created a group you can add your predefined answers to that group. Here you can add links to useful content. The formatting of the quick reply will be taken into consideration once you send the message. Thus emojis remain, so does the Enter feature to leave space in between text, which keeps longer messages readable.


  • The limit of one quick reply is set to 2000 characters. But please think about what is useful to receive.
  • Add a quick reply to close a conversation nicely as well.
  • It might be nice to send a customer a survey and ask for their feedback. (CM also offers this tool-kit).

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