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Work with various teams

Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 1 year ago

To boost service levels, some of our customers direct incoming chats to specialists, a particular brand or region. When you have split your teams over different service areas, you can configure those teams here too. You can do this for instance based on communication channels, products or language. - customer contact configure teams

Once you have been granted access to more than one team, at the left side of your menu the selection option for Teams Selection becomes available. Here you can switch between teams when required.

When you grant new colleagues access to the Customer Contact application, they are assigned to the ‘default’ team. That means that they can see all incoming chats, assigned to the default team. You can limit their access to chats when required by assigning them to a specific team.

You can create as many teams as you require. Team members can be assigned to one or multiple teams.

Route chats to a team

Once you determined which communication channels you offer and have set a team, you can route certain communication channels to this specific team. Here as well, our default is to route all communication channels to a default team.

Summary: new users are added to team ‘default’. Incoming messages are routed to team ‘default’. This means that when you don’t set a Team and you don’t set a Route, all incoming communication will flow towards 1 box from where they can be picked up.


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