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Start with Timeslots

Rogier Aarts
Rogier Aarts
Updated 1 year ago

Through the ticketing application it is possible to sell tickets based on the availability of the location by time slots. This tutorial explains you how to easily set up the sales through time slots for your event/location. 

  1. Create a new event
  2. The date/time for the event set in this step will be overruled by the calender settings in the next steps
  3. The tickettype your create here can be selected in the Calender. If you would like to handle free reservations you can set the ticketprice to € 0.00
  4. The capacity set for the ticket will be overruled in the calender
  5. After creating the event you can click on the calendar module in the main menu (if you do not see the menu, please contact us via [email protected]
  6. Click on start
Tijdsloten stap 1

Enter the next values in the first step

  1. The timezone where your location is based
  2. Start date; the date from when people can reserve tickets for the location
  3. End date; the date untill when people can reserve tickets for the location
Tijdsloten stap 2

  1. In step 2 the opening times of the location can be set:
  2. Set the openingdays of the location
  3. Set the openinghours of the location. If the opening times vary, please enter the timeframe of the longest openingday. Other days can be adjusted later.
  4. Set the durating of a timeslot
  5. Enter the capacity per timeslot

PLEASE NOTE: Do you want to take a short break between the time slots for cleaning, for example, or do the time slots go past 00:00 at night than work with walk-in times only.

Then create one time slot of for example 10 minutes in which the customer can come in. Later on, manually create the other time slots per day. Follow the steps in this article.

Tijdsloten stap 3

In the last step you select the tickets that can be reserved in the calender module.

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