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How to send an automated message (birthday)
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When you gathered all the data about your customers, you want to increase the contact and conversion with them. One of the ways the Customer Data Platform support this, is to send them an automated email on their birthday.

We explain in the following steps how to do this with Workflow add-in-editor and the Email campaigns. Click here for an extensive guide for the Workflow add in editor.

First you have to make a triggered email campaign, you can do this in the Email campaign app of CM. This can be found when you are logged in at the CM platform and clicking on the 9 dots.

Where to find the customer data platform

Triggered email campaign
  1. When you are in the Campaigns app you have to go to Triggered via the left menu.
  2. This is the name of your triggered campaign.
  3. This is menu of the email campaign editor. You first come in the Campaign Settings: here you setup your email campaign as described below. Design: Here you design and customize your email campaigns, you can do this with an easy Drag-and-Drop system as explained later. ! Text version: here you make a link to a page to view the mail in the browser. Advanced: here you can select to track and how to track your email Campaign, to get certain statistics.
  4. Here you can edit the name of your campaign.
  5. This is the subject of your email campaign, and this will be the subject which your customers will see in their inbox.
  6. Here you can select the Sender mail address.
  7. Here you can fill in the name of the Sender.
  8. (Optional) If you want to measure your click through rate of your campaign, you can use Click through links, and measure them with Tags. Here you can add new ones.
  9. (Optional) If you have already made a template for this campaign, than here you can select it. If not you can design your own email at Design.
  10. Here you can activate or deactivate your campaign.
  11. In this box you have to write a preview text, which they will see in their inbox.
  12. (Optional) If you want to personalize your Email campaign, you can select here Merge tags. This will responded to the Customer Data Platform. In this example is chosen for Firstname, but you can select as many Merge Tags as you want.
Email design
  1. When you have your campaign settings right and did not select a template or you want to edit the template. You can go through the Menu to Design.
  2. This is the design menu, in here you can select the different features to optimize your email campaign. You have almost all the freedom to design it as you want to. In the Content tab you can select the different features your email campaign should contain. Below is more explanation about the content all the content features are optional and not required. In the Rows tab you can select the different lay-outs of the design. In the Settings tab you can select some general settings for the complete mail, such as background colour. In the steps below the different content features are explained.
  3. Textbox: with this content feature you can write as much as you want in your email campaign. Here you can also personalize the message with for example the firstname. In our example of sending a birthday message, we wish the recipient a happy birthday.
  4. Image: Here you can insert an image in your email campaign. In this example we use a logo, but you can upload every picture you want here. When uploaded it is also possible to enlarge the picture or a link to a website if you click on the image.
  5. Button: The button can be used for certain actions such as: open web page, send email, make call and send sms. In the example it is used to go to the website with a birthday present for the recipient. With a button you can also measure the click through rate, as you want to know if your campaign is successfully or not.
  6. Divider: With the divider you create some space between the different content features. In this example it is a line, but you can also create a blank space or a dotted line.
  7. Social: With the social you can link your audience to your social media channels. In this example we use the four biggest social media platforms. You can also link other or custom channels.
  8. HTML: It is also possible to insert a HTML content part. Please be aware only use this if you experienced with HTML programming. In this example this feature is not used.
  9. Video: In the mail it is also possible to send a video within it. You can easy insert a YouTube or Vimeo link. In the example we send a video message with happy birthday.
  10. Before you close the page always save your campaign with the save button. Please ensure that you give your campaign at least a name at the Campaign settings so you can recognize it.

When you have designed your email for automated sending, you can start on the automation part. You will do this with in the Customer Data Platform. You can access the Customer Data Platform from within the CM platform via the 9 dots.

Where to find the customer data platform

Get into the workflow editor
  1. When you are in the Customer Data Platform, you have to go to the Workflows page in the left menu.
  2. Here you can see your already designed workflows, if you want to see or adjust the workflow just click on it and you will get in the editor.
  3. Here you can see how many times the workflow editor is activated.
  4. Here you can see if the workflow is still active, when pressing on the play button you can pause the workflow or reactivate it.
  5. Here you can choose to edit the Workflow with the Add in editor function or the click and select function.
  6. Here you can add a new workflow, you can choose for the click and select option or the Drag and Drop option. In this example we choose to design the workflow for a birthday in the Drag and Drop (add in editor) screen.
Workflow editor birthday
  1. When you add or edit a workflow you can set the name of the workflow. In the example it will be a happy birthday workflow.
  2. Because we want to sent a message on someone’s birthday we select the Anniversary trigger. You can select this trigger in the left menu and drag and drop it into the white space.
  3. Here you have to select the segment for which you want to set up this trigger. If you want to do this for everyone, you can make a segment with for example: must contain email. Click here for the guide to make segments.
  4. Here you can select the segment managent for which you want to apply the campaign.
  5. In this field you can set the time at for the trigger to gets activated. In the example we want to sent a birthday message at 9 AM.
  6. Here you select the profile property in which the anniversary date can be find. In this example you can find the date of birth of a person in the Customer Data Platform property: Date of Birth.
  7. When you setup the trigger right you can select a step to follow after the workflow is triggered. In this example we want to sent a happy birthday email. You can select the Email step and drag and drop it into the white space. When you click on the Email step you have set up two settings. The first one is at which property the email address can be found in most cases this will be Email or Emailaddress. The second setting is to select a Triggered campaign that has to be sent. This will be the Triggered campaign that you have just made in Email Campaigns.
  8. When you setup the trigger and Email step right, you have to connect them. You do this with dragging a dotted line from the lower blue dot of the trigger to the upper blue dot of the step.

To finalize the workflow you have to save it on the Save button. To activate your workflow you have to press on the Workflow Enabled button. You can find this button to deselect the triggers or steps and it will be in the menu below the Save button.


If you have any questions. Please contact your Onboarding Manager or send an e-mail to [email protected]

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