Send and receive SMS using the Mendix SMS Plugin.

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Outbound SMS, Inbound SMS and Phone number verification

Did you know that only 50% of all mobile phone users worldwide own a smartphone? The other 50% own a conventional telephone. This still makes SMS a powerful medium to reach large groups.

CM is a global messaging provider with connections to more than 200 mobile operators around the world, resulting in global application-to-person SMS coverage. We take care of all complexity, while you can send SMS and receive replies in your Mendix environment. 

Want to try it out before making a decision? No problem, just use the demo app to test all features with a CM demo account.

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    Send and receive SMS

    Send SMS worldwide and receive replies in your Mendix application with CM.

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    Verify phone numbers

    Keep your database clean by validating phone numbers as they are entered.

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    Quick integration in Mendix

    CM has done all the work for you. Just install the connectors and demo app to send your first SMS in a few minutes.

Mendix SMS plugin via

With the rapid application development platform Mendix you can integrate any CM API in a couple of minutes.

Next to API integration, CM also prebuilt a Mendix connector for outbound and inbound SMS, a Mendix connector for Phone number verification and a complete autonomous Mendix demo app with code and UI samples. Try it out in a few clicks! That's what we call rapid application development.

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