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Send SMS and Push messages using the OutSystems Plugin

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How do you benefit from using the OutSystems CM API Plugin?

The CM API Connector helps you send out Push notifications and/or SMS messages. Combining the connector with the Hybrid Messaging Plugin will allow your users to receive Push notifications, with SMS as back-up, depending on which channel is available.

Enable hybrid messaging in your OutSystems Android/iOS apps and benefit from CM’s worldwide direct connections to operators.

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    Reliability of the CM platform

    Enjoy the benefits of the fast and reliable CM platform for sending messages from your OutSystems app.

  2. 2

    Save costs

    Benefit from the low cost and effectiveness of Push Notifications but with SMS Fallback.

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    100% reach

    If your customer has your app or not, you will keep the 100% reach like you have with SMS.

OutSystems CM API Extension

With CM’s API Connector or Hybrid Messaging Plugin your OutSystems Application can send out Hybrid messages to your end-users. If the number is verified in the app, the message will be delivered via Push. If there is no app verification or the app is no longer installed, the message will be send via SMS.

You only want to send SMS and no Push? In that case you can use the API connector without the Hybrid messaging plugin.

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