WhatsApp Business solution integration: SaySimple.

SaySimple is a social messaging automation platform for engagement, providing cost reduction and customer happiness.

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SaySimple boosts customer interactions by changing questions into truly personal dialogues. By personalising your customer contact through various social touch points, one-on-one relationships are nurtured.

Their platform enables customer-centric companies to respond at the speed of light, while they become better listeners and expert communicators with each answer.

Questions turn into smiles and smiles into sales, while the total cost of ownership reduces: it’s a winning game for everyone.

More about SaySimple

  1. Transform cost into profit centers

    Turn customer service departments into commercial profit centers, while identifying engagement opportunities and uplifting customer contact.

  2. Handle peak volumes

    Tackle high volume traffic in a multi-channel environment, without breaking a sweat. Maintain a streamlined service process at all times. What’s not to love?

  3. Making hyper-personalization possible

    Great companies don't just win new customers; they bring them back for more. Treat your customers to an individual and unique brand experience, while increasing their loyalty and goodwill.

Partnership SaySimple

The way you talk to customers has a substantial impact on your brand, and nothing delivers customer satisfaction quite like excellent communication. In today's world, companies are challenged to rethink the way they engage with their customers. With SaySimple on your side, you can appeal to the always-on, multiple device customer through their preferred messaging channels.

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& CM.com

SaySimple has partnered up with CM.com to connect clients to WhatsApp’s Official Business Solution. The combination of SaySimple's platform and the API allows for seamless one-on-one interaction with customers; from alerts to updates.

How to request access?

Authorized Distributor

To communicate with your customers via WhatsApp, you need an Authorized Distributor, selected by WhatsApp. CM.com is such an Authorized Distributor. Our selected business partners also have the WhatsApp Business Solution integrated in their software, directly offering their customers access to the official WhatsApp Business solution.

Customers of SaySimple can now request access to the WhatsApp Business API and gain access to all other messaging channels the CM.com platform offers.

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