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Free up your service team to focus on what matters most - providing exceptional service - with the help of automation.

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What is chatbot software?

Chatbot software is automated software that uses pre-set rules or AI to engage with users through written or spoken language.

You'll often find chatbots on websites or inside messaging channels like WhatsApp, providing 24/7 service to customers without the need for human agents.

Chatbots offer many benefits, including improving customer satisfaction by quickly answering enquiries, boosting employee morale by taking the strain off of contact centers, and reducing service costs by automating millions of conversations simultaneously.

At, we offer scripted and AI chatbots as well as voicebots.

Drag-and-drop chatbot interface

Our enterprise-ready software is easy to implement and completely code-free, so you can get started right away.

With our drag-and-drop chatbot interface, you can quickly and easily create customised chatbots that can handle everything from frequently asked questions to complex customer inquiries. Plus, our software is highly scalable, so you can automate conversations with millions of customers simultaneously.

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    Design, build and maintain dialogues by business users.

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    Leverage AI in a controlled environment with actionable results.

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    Provide personalised dialogs as a fundamental feature.

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    Ensure safe and trustworthy automated conversations.

Support customer service agents

While chatbots can handle routine inquiries that enable agents to tackle complex issues, a seamless transition from chatbot to agent is important. This is where our customer support software steps in, providing additional benefits that amplify service.

The agent assist feature harnesses historical and company data, empowering agents with insightful answers. During handovers, our software gives agents even more helpful information. It includes what was already talked about and suggestions for what to do next. This integration doesn't just enhance customer retention; but elevates efficiency in every interaction.

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    Resolve problems quickly and efficiently.

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    Boost team productivity.

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    Communicate in multiple languages.

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Missguided decreases live contacts and costs by 14%

When Missguided started experiencing tremendous growth, their main contact channels - live chat, email, and social - became overwhelmed with repetitive, frequently asked questions from customers.

The solution was simple. By implementing chatbot software, the burden on the contact center was significantly reduced, allowing multiple agents to focus on more complex customer queries.

The results speak for themselves:

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    80% of customer engagements now happen via chatbot.

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    14% reduction in overall contacts and associated costs.

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    The project was completed in just 8 weeks.

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Free up your support team to focus on more complex inquiries

Whether you're looking to provide real-time order tracking, answer frequently asked questions, or automate customer service inquiries, there's a chatbot solution that can help you achieve your goals.

Types of chatbots for acquisition and customer service


FAQ chatbots can automate answers to repetitive commonly asked questions.


Internal chatbots can hold vast amounts of company information in one place.


Service chatbots can automate customer service without agent intervention.


WISMO chatbots allow customers to easily self-serve and track orders.


Verification chatbots identify customers and allow them to update information.

A chatbot for every industry

How to get started with chatbot software

Schedule an initial call with us to explore how our chatbot software can help you deliver personalised and relevant customer conversations around the clock.

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