Phone Number Validation for Fraud Protection.

Optimise your contact database, prevent fraud and validate phone numbers in 3 easy steps before you reach out to customers.

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How Do You Benefit from Phone Number Validation?

Are all the numbers in your database existing, in the right format and available? By verifying the numbers in your database, you can run more effective campaigns. This means campaigns with better reach, bigger response, lower undelivered rates and high-cost effectiveness.

Optimise the routing or use phone number validation to clean up a database of numbers to improve the accuracy of your batches. Also, you'll avoid problems caused by mobile number portability (MNP) and roaming delivery issues.

This solution for number validation is easy to use and can be implemented in any existing system with our API.

  1. 1

    Format Verifier

    It is inevitable that some numbers are wrongly entered in a database. By using our format verifier API, these errors can be removed and replaced by usable and reliable data.

  2. 2

    Clean database

    Clean up your database and remove invalid or unavailable numbers. With a clean database, you can lower the monthly costs for SMS invoices by up to 20%.

  3. 3

    Anti-fraud protection

    Prevent ATM card cloning fraud. Check if the card owner is in the same country as the ATM where a cash-out attempt is initiated, based on 4 levels of location matching.

How Does Phone Validation Work?

  1. Upload your number database

  2. Download the results

  3. Work with a clear and reliable database

What Does It Cost?

Included in the Enterprise package with

Price per query:
Price per query:

1. Database cleaning

R 0,08

2. Format Verifier

R 0,03

3. Antifraud protection

Coming soon

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Verification API

Technical Documentation

With CM's phone number validation & number lookup API, you can validate any phone number. It will tell you the formatting options and number type, as well as the most likely carrier.

Also, you can generate additional information for phone numbers in your database. This contains information like formatting options, the actual operator, if the number is roaming and even if the number is active on the network.

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