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Worldwide OTP Pricing

One price per country, for all operators





Messaging - Price of 1 OTP

US R0,1133 R0,1076 R0,1019
DZ R0,9559 R0,9081 R0,8603
AR R0,8951 R0,8503 R0,8056
AU R0,8035 R0,7634 R0,7232
AT R1,2397 R1,1777 R1,1157
BH R0,2697 R0,2562 R0,2427
BE R1,3486 R1,2811 R1,2137
BA R1,1082 R1,0528 R0,9974
BR R0,8035 R0,7634 R0,7232
BG R1,3355 R1,2687 R1,2019
CA R0,1133 R0,1076 R0,1019
CL R0,8047 R0,7645 R0,7243
CN R0,6083 R0,5779 R0,5475
CO R0,8057 R0,7654 R0,7251
HR R0,6458 R0,6135 R0,5812
CY R0,9821 R0,9330 R0,8839
CZ R0,8619 R0,8188 R0,7757
DK R0,2921 R0,2775 R0,2629
EG R0,8167 R0,7759 R0,7350
SV R0,5248 R0,4985 R0,4723
EE R1,1117 R1,0561 R1,0005
FI R1,0928 R1,0382 R0,9835
FR R1,0261 R0,9748 R0,9235
DE R1,1727 R1,1140 R1,0554
GR R0,6713 R0,6378 R0,6042
HK R0,6715 R0,6379 R0,6043
HU R1,0788 R1,0249 R0,9710
IS R0,3459 R0,3286 R0,3113
IN R0,1461 R0,1388 R0,1315
ID R0,3844 R0,3652 R0,3460
IR R0,5671 R0,5388 R0,5104
IE R0,9350 R0,8883 R0,8415
IT R1,0665 R1,0132 R0,9599
JP R1,0665 R1,0132 R0,9599
JO R0,4573 R0,4345 R0,4116
KE R0,9912 R0,9416 R0,8921
LT R0,3975 R0,3777 R0,3578
MY R0,4992 R0,4742 R0,4493
MT R0,4091 R0,3886 R0,3682
MX R0,5406 R0,5136 R0,4865
MA R1,0402 R0,9882 R0,9362
NL R1,3192 R1,2533 R1,1873
NZ R1,5845 R1,5053 R1,4260
NG R0,2168 R0,2060 R0,1951
NO R0,7904 R0,7509 R0,7114
OM R0,8928 R0,8482 R0,8036
PK R0,3078 R0,2924 R0,2770
PE R0,5274 R0,5011 R0,4747
PH R0,4617 R0,4386 R0,4156
PL R0,4705 R0,4470 R0,4235
PT R0,6414 R0,6094 R0,5773
RO R0,8810 R0,8369 R0,7929
RU R0,4280 R0,4066 R0,3852
SA R0,3828 R0,3637 R0,3445
RS R0,4389 R0,4170 R0,3950
SG R0,5089 R0,4834 R0,4580
SK R1,1129 R1,0573 R1,0017
SI R0,5997 R0,5697 R0,5398
ZA R0,3034 R0,2883 R0,2731
KR R0,6698 R0,6363 R0,6028
ES R1,0665 R1,0132 R0,9599
SE R0,7378 R0,7009 R0,6640
CH R0,8384 R0,7965 R0,7546
TW R0,6625 R0,6294 R0,5963
TR R0,3276 R0,3112 R0,2948
UG R0,7232 R0,6870 R0,6509
UA R1,0665 R1,0132 R0,9599
AE R0,3850 R0,3658 R0,3465
GB R0,8355 R0,7937 R0,7520
UY R0,9226 R0,8765 R0,8303
VE R0,6156 R0,5849 R0,5541
Monthly price

€ 85

€ 225

€ 425