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Worldwide SMS Pricing

One price per country, for all operators






Messaging - Price of 1 sms

US R0,0742 R0,0705 R0,0668 R0,0631
AF R0,7476 R0,7102 R0,6728 R0,6354
AL R0,6596 R0,6266 R0,5937 R0,5607
DZ R0,9474 R0,9001 R0,8527 R0,8053
AS R0,2785 R0,2646 R0,2507 R0,2367
AD R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
AO R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
AI R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
AG R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
AR R0,7532 R0,7156 R0,6779 R0,6402
AM R0,8795 R0,8355 R0,7915 R0,7476
AW R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
AU R0,7437 R0,7066 R0,6694 R0,6322
AT R1,0106 R0,9601 R0,9095 R0,8590
AZ R1,0994 R1,0444 R0,9894 R0,9345
BS R0,7329 R0,6963 R0,6596 R0,6230
BH R0,2341 R0,2224 R0,2107 R0,1990
BD R0,8062 R0,7659 R0,7256 R0,6853
BB R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
BY R0,2932 R0,2785 R0,2638 R0,2492
BE R1,4054 R1,3351 R1,2648 R1,1946
BZ R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
BJ R0,4251 R0,4038 R0,3826 R0,3613
BM R0,5717 R0,5431 R0,5145 R0,4859
BT R0,3811 R0,3621 R0,3430 R0,3239
BO R0,6596 R0,6266 R0,5937 R0,5607
BA R1,0896 R1,0351 R0,9806 R0,9261
BW R0,5863 R0,5570 R0,5277 R0,4984
BR R0,7437 R0,7066 R0,6694 R0,6322
VG R0,4984 R0,4735 R0,4485 R0,4236
BN R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
BG R1,0106 R0,9601 R0,9095 R0,8590
BF R0,2932 R0,2785 R0,2638 R0,2492
BI R0,3371 R0,3203 R0,3034 R0,2866
KH R0,5717 R0,5431 R0,5145 R0,4859
CM R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
CA R0,0742 R0,0705 R0,0668 R0,0631
CV R0,6596 R0,6266 R0,5937 R0,5607
KY R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
CF R0,3665 R0,3481 R0,3298 R0,3115
TD R0,3371 R0,3203 R0,3034 R0,2866
CL R0,6743 R0,6405 R0,6068 R0,5731
CN R0,3948 R0,3750 R0,3553 R0,3356
CO R0,7816 R0,7426 R0,7035 R0,6644
KM R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
CG R0,3665 R0,3481 R0,3298 R0,3115
CD R0,5277 R0,5013 R0,4749 R0,4485
CK R0,3665 R0,3481 R0,3298 R0,3115
CR R0,6450 R0,6127 R0,5805 R0,5482
HR R0,6411 R0,6090 R0,5770 R0,5449
CU R0,7036 R0,6684 R0,6332 R0,5981
CY R0,9293 R0,8828 R0,8364 R0,7899
CZ R0,6287 R0,5972 R0,5658 R0,5344
CI R0,5717 R0,5431 R0,5145 R0,4859
DK R0,2716 R0,2580 R0,2444 R0,2309
DJ R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
DM R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
DO R0,7182 R0,6823 R0,6464 R0,6105
EC R0,8355 R0,7937 R0,7520 R0,7102
EG R0,7674 R0,7291 R0,6907 R0,6523
SV R0,4685 R0,4450 R0,4216 R0,3982
GQ R0,3225 R0,3064 R0,2902 R0,2741
ER R0,3665 R0,3481 R0,3298 R0,3115
EE R1,0548 R1,0021 R0,9493 R0,8966
ET R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
FK R0,2052 R0,1950 R0,1847 R0,1744
FO R0,3371 R0,3203 R0,3034 R0,2866
FJ R0,5130 R0,4874 R0,4617 R0,4361
FI R1,0280 R0,9766 R0,9252 R0,8738
FR R0,8685 R0,8259 R0,7816 R0,6948
GF R1,0994 R1,0444 R0,9894 R0,9345
PF R0,2345 R0,2228 R0,2111 R0,1994
GA R0,2785 R0,2646 R0,2507 R0,2367
GM R0,2785 R0,2646 R0,2507 R0,2367
GE R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
DE R1,2074 R1,1470 R1,0867 R1,0263
GH R0,5717 R0,5431 R0,5145 R0,4859
GI R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
GR R0,6290 R0,5976 R0,5661 R0,5347
GL R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
GD R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
GT R0,8062 R0,7659 R0,7256 R0,6853
GN R0,8941 R0,8494 R0,8047 R0,7600
GW R0,5423 R0,5152 R0,4881 R0,4610
GY R0,2785 R0,2646 R0,2507 R0,2367
HT R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
HN R0,4837 R0,4595 R0,4353 R0,4112
HK R0,5369 R0,5100 R0,4832 R0,4564
HU R0,9159 R0,8701 R0,8243 R0,7785
IS R0,1683 R0,1599 R0,1515 R0,1431
IN R0,1105 R0,1050 R0,0995 R0,0940
ID R0,3245 R0,3082 R0,2920 R0,2758
IR R0,4848 R0,4605 R0,4363 R0,4121
IQ R0,8502 R0,8077 R0,7652 R0,7226
IE R0,8527 R0,8101 R0,7674 R0,7248
IL R0,8795 R0,8355 R0,7915 R0,7476
IT R1,0706 R1,0171 R0,9635 R0,9100
JM R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
JP R0,9759 R0,9271 R0,8783 R0,8295
JO R0,3760 R0,3572 R0,3384 R0,3196
KZ R0,5130 R0,4874 R0,4617 R0,4361
KE R0,8898 R0,8453 R0,8008 R0,7563
KI R0,3225 R0,3064 R0,2902 R0,2741
KW R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
KG R0,3958 R0,3760 R0,3562 R0,3364
LA R0,4984 R0,4735 R0,4485 R0,4236
LV R0,7769 R0,7380 R0,6992 R0,6603
LB R0,4691 R0,4456 R0,4222 R0,3987
LS R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
LR R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
LY R0,5130 R0,4874 R0,4617 R0,4361
LI R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
LT R0,2172 R0,2063 R0,1955 R0,1846
LU R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
MO R0,4104 R0,3899 R0,3694 R0,3489
MK R0,3225 R0,3064 R0,2902 R0,2741
MG R0,3665 R0,3481 R0,3298 R0,3115
MW R0,6156 R0,5849 R0,5541 R0,5233
MY R0,4500 R0,4275 R0,4050 R0,3825
MV R0,2932 R0,2785 R0,2638 R0,2492
ML R1,0994 R1,0444 R0,9894 R0,9345
MT R0,3648 R0,3465 R0,3283 R0,3101
MH R1,1726 R1,1140 R1,0554 R0,9968
MR R0,7476 R0,7102 R0,6728 R0,6354
MU R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
MX R0,5369 R0,5100 R0,4832 R0,4564
FM R0,2785 R0,2646 R0,2507 R0,2367
MD R0,5863 R0,5570 R0,5277 R0,4984
MC R0,8062 R0,7659 R0,7256 R0,6853
MN R0,4691 R0,4456 R0,4222 R0,3987
ME R0,4104 R0,3899 R0,3694 R0,3489
MS R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
MA R0,9727 R0,9241 R0,8754 R0,8268
MZ R0,3665 R0,3481 R0,3298 R0,3115
MM R1,0554 R1,0026 R0,9498 R0,8971
NA R0,4251 R0,4038 R0,3826 R0,3613
NR R0,6596 R0,6266 R0,5937 R0,5607
NP R1,0994 R1,0444 R0,9894 R0,9345
NL R1,2633 R1,2001 R1,1369 R1,0738
NC R0,3518 R0,3342 R0,3166 R0,2990
NZ R1,1685 R1,1101 R1,0517 R0,9932
NI R0,5130 R0,4874 R0,4617 R0,4361
NE R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
NG R0,1753 R0,1665 R0,1577 R0,1490
NU R1,1726 R1,1140 R1,0554 R0,9968
KP R1,1726 R1,1140 R1,0554 R0,9968
NO R0,7390 R0,7021 R0,6651 R0,6282
OM R0,6174 R0,5865 R0,5557 R0,5248
PK R0,2013 R0,1912 R0,1812 R0,1711
PW R0,5863 R0,5570 R0,5277 R0,4984
PA R0,8062 R0,7659 R0,7256 R0,6853
PG R0,3518 R0,3342 R0,3166 R0,2990
PY R0,5717 R0,5431 R0,5145 R0,4859
PE R0,4785 R0,4545 R0,4306 R0,4067
PH R0,4304 R0,4089 R0,3873 R0,3658
PL R0,4579 R0,4350 R0,4121 R0,3892
PT R0,6174 R0,5865 R0,5557 R0,5248
PR R0,7329 R0,6963 R0,6596 R0,6230
QA R0,7329 R0,6963 R0,6596 R0,6230
RO R0,8744 R0,8307 R0,7870 R0,7432
RU R0,3950 R0,3752 R0,3555 R0,3357
RW R0,3371 R0,3203 R0,3034 R0,2866
RE R0,5863 R0,5570 R0,5277 R0,4984
KN R0,5570 R0,5292 R0,5013 R0,4735
LC R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
PM R0,2785 R0,2646 R0,2507 R0,2367
VC R0,5717 R0,5431 R0,5145 R0,4859
WS R0,3371 R0,3203 R0,3034 R0,2866
SM R0,5570 R0,5292 R0,5013 R0,4735
SA R0,3490 R0,3315 R0,3141 R0,2966
SN R0,6156 R0,5849 R0,5541 R0,5233
RS R0,3500 R0,3325 R0,3150 R0,2975
SC R0,3958 R0,3760 R0,3562 R0,3364
SL R0,3518 R0,3342 R0,3166 R0,2990
SG R0,4644 R0,4411 R0,4179 R0,3947
SK R0,7722 R0,7336 R0,6949 R0,6563
SI R0,4446 R0,4224 R0,4002 R0,3779
SB R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
SO R0,6303 R0,5988 R0,5673 R0,5358
ZA R0,1841 R0,1766 R0,1676 R0,1602
KR R0,6158 R0,5850 R0,5543 R0,5235
ES R1,0106 R0,9601 R0,9095 R0,8590
LK R0,7036 R0,6684 R0,6332 R0,5981
SD R0,6156 R0,5849 R0,5541 R0,5233
SR R0,2345 R0,2228 R0,2111 R0,1994
SZ R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
SE R0,6222 R0,5910 R0,5599 R0,5288
CH R0,7221 R0,6860 R0,6499 R0,6138
SY R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
ST R0,2932 R0,2785 R0,2638 R0,2492
TW R0,5495 R0,5220 R0,4946 R0,4671
TJ R0,7329 R0,6963 R0,6596 R0,6230
TZ R0,5717 R0,5431 R0,5145 R0,4859
TH R0,5130 R0,4874 R0,4617 R0,4361
TL R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
TG R0,2199 R0,2089 R0,1979 R0,1869
TO R0,2492 R0,2367 R0,2243 R0,2118
TT R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
TN R0,8795 R0,8355 R0,7915 R0,7476
TR R0,2858 R0,2715 R0,2572 R0,2429
TM R0,2492 R0,2367 R0,2243 R0,2118
TC R0,4397 R0,4178 R0,3958 R0,3738
TV R1,1726 R1,1140 R1,0554 R0,9968
UG R0,6711 R0,6375 R0,6040 R0,5704
UA R1,0896 R1,0351 R0,9806 R0,9261
AE R0,3474 R0,3300 R0,3127 R0,2953
GB R0,6316 R0,6000 R0,5685 R0,5369
UY R0,9317 R0,8851 R0,8385 R0,7919
UZ R0,9528 R0,9051 R0,8575 R0,8099
VU R0,4691 R0,4456 R0,4222 R0,3987
VE R0,5113 R0,4858 R0,4602 R0,4346
VN R0,7329 R0,6963 R0,6596 R0,6230
WF R0,2345 R0,2228 R0,2111 R0,1994
YE R0,3958 R0,3760 R0,3562 R0,3364
ZM R0,2638 R0,2507 R0,2375 R0,2243
ZW R0,5130 R0,4874 R0,4617 R0,4361
Other destinations ZAR 0,1570 ZAR 0,1570 ZAR 0,1570 ZAR 0,1570
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€ 85

€ 225

€ 425

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