Customised solutions for large-scale events

Get the most out of your event

Do you want to offer a seamless customer experience to your visitors? Choose one of our customised solutions for your event.

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Event solutions for a streamlined customer journey

If you choose one solution from, you get access to all our solutions to give your visitors the best customer experience possible.

For large-scale events we deliver the combination of mobile communication, ticketing, data, mobile payments and event services. Everything for a completely streamlined customer journey.

Read one of the success stories at the bottom of the page to discover how our solutions contribute to an optimal experience.

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    Insight into the target group

    Gain insight into the behaviours and needs of your target group with the Customer Data Platform from

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    Personalised messages

    With our Messaging solutions you reach your target group via the channels they prefer.

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    Marketing campaigns

    Send your target group notifications or invite them to next year's event and boost your ticket sale.

Customised solutions for your event

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For large-scale events we offer the combination of mobile communication, ticketing, data, mobile payments and event services.

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Ticket personalisation

Do you want the details of all visitors, but one buyer wants to pay for multiple tickets? Then use our ticket personalisation solution.

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Seated ticketing

Ideal for stadiums, theaters and music venues. With, organisers can sell placed tickets.

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Guest manager

Have sponsors assign the tickets digitally within their sponsorship package to their relations. That saves a lot of hardcopy tickets, PDF files and time.

Make decisions based on data

Make decisions based on data with our Customer Data Platform. Data can be collected from any desired source.

Map various data from your target group, such as consumption, payment methods, music preference, ages, gender and more.

Get to know your target group so that you can better respond to their needs.


Use personalised marketing campaigns for your event

With data, which is collected in the Customer Data Platform, you can send personalised campaigns to your target group.

Via the platform you can use channels such as, e-mail, social media, SMS, WhatsApp, voice campaigns and more.

You can use these channels for, for example, notifications about the weather, an artist or traffic changes. Or use it to boost your sales, for example by inviting visitors from last year to the next event.

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    Get the most out of your event

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