Messaging Solutions for engagement

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As we've all become intertwined with our mobile devices, mobile messaging is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. To reach your customers, you will need the best and most reliable technologies on the market.

Embrace personal, easy and cost-effective solutions to deliver your message to the right people. From SMS and Email to Push and Consumer Chat Apps: choose and combine our messaging solutions for a messaging strategy that best suits you and your audience. From our platform, you can be sure to get your message across.

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Messaging Solutions for targeted reach


Choose the highest reach and communicate with people all over the world through personalised mobile messaging. Discover our wide range of SMS solutions.

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Create your personally designed templates with an easy drag-and-drop logic and send out targeted email campaigns to your database.

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Share your message with your app users. Cost effective reach for millions of notifications in just seconds and personalised messages to your users.

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Postal Mail

Probably the most used and trusted way to communicate. Communicate in style with premium Postal Mail services to deliver your message.

Customer Contact

Integrate all customer chat apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and WeChat in one user friendly dashboard for personal and seamless customer care.

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Hybrid Messaging

Combine cost-effective push messages with SMS as fallback. Sending your message via SMS when the receiver is offline, means your message is shared the most efficiënt way.

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