Grow customer engagement with mobile landing pages

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Go beyond a regular SMS by adding rich content inside a mobile landing page to increase engagement and conversion rates using drag and drop logic.

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Add value to your SMS campaigns with rich landing pages

You can now target your audience without limitations. Easily build beautifully designed mobile webpages for your SMS campaigns. By exceeding SMS’s 160-character limit, adding colour and rich content, you’ll add an extra dimension to the customer experience. This will improve both engagement and conversion rates.

Making your campaigns stand out from the competition is now easier than ever. Using our simple drag and drop logic, you can now create a rich landing page with multiple link tracking. Send the webpage directly to your customer’s mobile and use all available features for a persuasive campaign.

  1. More than 160 characters
    By adding mobile landing pages to your SMS campaigns, your message is no longer limited to 160 characters. Add colour, images, video, buttons and more.
  2. Live tracking
    Each call to action can be tracked. Our analytics show which link has been clicked how many times and by how many people. Results are updated real-time.
  3. No added costs
    Landing pages is free to use when combined with our SMS campaigns solution.

How does it work?

Create your mobile landing page and add the redirect link in your SMS. Landing pages are easy to make, using a simple drag and drop logic. Format the background and layout and drag and drop images, text, video and click buttons. Personalise the landing page with merge tags and add your tracking links in each call-to-action.

For anyone using SMS Campaigns, the Landing Pages feature is free to use. Just contact us to get started. We will enable the Landing Pages feature in your account.

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How others use our mobile landing pages


Add a link to a mini website to your marketing campaign. On this landing page, customers find a few advised items to can purchase via the CTA ‘Buy this dress now’ or “Register to get the discount”.


Create personalised landing pages. Invite customers for your event with a video clip and a clear link to your ticket shop. Track opens and clicks for re-targeting purposes and the highest conversion rates.


Send personalised campaigns to your loyal customers, showing relevant events or destinations based on previous orders. Add buttons like call-to-actions or a direct link to customer support.

How much does it cost?

Landing Pages is free to use. You will only be charged for the sent SMS messages.
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