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Try our very easy way to send email to SMS. Send an email to a mobile phone number and the recipient will receive the email as an SMS on their mobile phone.

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Send SMS via email using your own mail program with Mail SMS

Mail SMS is an email to SMS service that converts standard emails into text messages. By using your own email client, sending SMS worldwide is as easy as sending email.

Turn an e-mail into an SMS, it sounds that easy and it is that easy. You can use any e-mail platform or program such as Outlook, Gmail and Hotmail to send an SMS from your Online SMS Gateway account.

Once your email client is optimized, you will be able to send text messages directly to your recipient list with a simple click, no further technical skills needed.

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    Easy to use

    Send email to SMS from your email software. No technical skills required with our user-friendly web app interface.

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    Not only can you use the email provider you trust, you can count on our years of experience and highly reliable platform.

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    No API integration needed

    Easy to implement in your mail program without additional software, using your standard e-mail program.

How does Mail SMS work?

You can send the e-mail just as any other e-mail. The mobile phone number of the recipient should be in the “To:” followed by “”, for example [email protected]

The text of the SMS should be entered in the body of the e-mail. If you enter more than 160 characters the Mail SMS will be sent as multi part message. You can change the sender name for each e-mail address you use in the Mail SMS app.

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How others use our Mail SMS App

The benefits from our online interface

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Instant reach

Broadcast messages to up to a million recipients at once. With an open rate of 95%, you can use business SMS for notifications, promotions, updates and more.

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Engaging employees

Inform your employees about corporate events, internal news and product launches in a few clicks: “Today, we warmly welcome our new colleague John”.

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Timely notifications

Inform clients that one of your stores are closed, or that they will experience latency on your website. Just a few clicks and you’re good to go.

How much does Mail SMS cost?

Contact us for volume discount.

Country Price in ZAR
South-Africa R0,1841
Germany R1,2074
Ireland R0,8527
Netherlands R1,2633
France R0,8685
United Kingdom R0,6316

How to get started with the Mail SMS app

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    Set up your campaign

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    Send your messages

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