Using long and short codes for your business

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Get your long number or short code for Two-way Messaging

By choosing either a long number or short code, you can now easily stay in touch with your customers. Because there is no need to send out a message (MT) first, end-users can send you a message directly via your selected number or keyword. By having a recognisable number, your reachability will grow at minimum cost.

Do you want to use your own number for surveys, SMS-voting, product feedback? Now, you can communicate your number for customers to reach you on, enabling real-time interaction and enhancing the customer experience.

  1. Long number
    This virtual long number can be used globally and is especially useful for companies doing international business, wanting a local presence as well.
  2. Shared short codes
    Choose a shared number for a more cost-efficient solution. Customers use a keyword at the beginning of their SMS-reply in order to indicate to which campaign they're replying.
  3. Dedicated short code
    With your own short code, typically 4-digits, you can set up national marketing campaigns. Choose a recognisable number for higher engagement, for example 3333 for radio 3FM.

How do I get a short code or long number?

Contact us and tell us for which country you would like a short code or long number. All available numbers will be instantly configured and connected to your account. Depending on the number you want, we might also have to find the best supplier, after which we will connect it to your account. Once connected, you can immediately use it in any of our products.

SMS gateway

How to use numbers from the Number Shop

Inbound marketing

Enable customers to reply to your marketing campaigns by using a specific keyword, like Dutch radio station 538 enabling listeners to send their favourite songs with the keyword Top-40 for interactive charts.

Two-way Messaging flow

Domino Pizza sends an SMS to their customers from their long number, containing a promo-code. Interested customers will send a SMS back to this long number with the promo-code and win the free pizza.

Internal communication

Allow your employees to share sick leave, holidays, schedule changes and so on and send a reply when their request is processed or send out company updates they can reply to.

How much does it cost?

We offer long numbers and short codes for Two-way Messaging. Pricing for the number per month varies depending on the number and country. Please contact us for exact pricing for your desired numbers.

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