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Only our best quality routes are used to terminate your traffic worldwide. Advanced routing techniques make sure we ensure the quality while we offer the best prices for your calls.

Start reducing costs

Reduce your outbound telephony costs by up to 35% with the CM SIP Trunk connection

The reliable and high-quality SIP Trunk connection reduces your worldwide voice outbound traffic costs. Competitive and transparent call rates provided with a lowest price guarantee for any destination. Pay per second, no start rate. Fill in your email address to ask your personal quote.

  1. Easy to connect
    Connect your telephony system to CM’s Voice Platform via internet. No need for complex infrastructures, only an IP ready telephony system is required. Clear technical documentation is available.
  2. Unlimited concurrent outbound capacity
    No extra costs for additional channels; you can use our service capacity without limitations.
  3. 24/7 Support
    Our Network Operations Centre is available 24/7 and our Customer Success Team can support you configuring your service and monitoring your traffic.


With CM’s SIP Trunk connection, you can manage your outbound and inbound traffic
and save up to 35% on your telephony costs.


R1.410 /month
  • DDI service*
  • R75 / concurrent inbound channel
  • R 1.410 p/month


R3.730 /month


R7.050 /month

We help industries move forward

How the market uses SIP Trunking

Call Centers

Calling is your core business. Whether it is telemarketing, market research or customer service, you get capabilities that are flexible, simple to use and scale on demand.

Tech Firms

You are building next generation IP telephony tools, apps & software. A powerfull SIP Trunk build on a feature rich and powerfull platform connects your customers to any destination in the world.


Whether you are looking to route all your international Voice traffic, extending to new destinations or looking for cost efficient backup, we deliver the best solutions for terminating your global traffic.

One simple & powerful connection for all your calls

  1. Receive customized offer

  2. Configure your system & IP addresses

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