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We have improved and extended the functionality of the Campaigns app to better fit your needs.

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With the new version of Campaigns we have included all the existing features of SMS Campaigns and Send Messages in a single app, and more! This means that Campaigns will replace SMS Campaigns and Send Messages.

We've gathered the most important FAQs below.

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Have a look at the quick tour around the Campaigns app. This video provides a step-by-step guide into creating your first campaign.

More detailed information can be found on our Help Center.

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Campaigns features

Use multiple Address books or recipients

It's easier than ever to use any combination of recipients in Campaigns. You can now add multiple Address books, or enter recipients directly. You can even mix the two as you like.

Get a grip on Campaign cost

We calculate in real-time, the cost of your current Campaign. Based on the recipients you select and the message you will know up-front what it will cost you to send your campaign.

Bigger, a whole lot bigger

We have improved our platform so that we can process up to 2.5 million messages in a single Campaign flawlessly.

Use templates to save time

If you are sending the same message frequently you can now save the message as a template and re-use it for future campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my API settings change?

No. The Campaigns API will be the same. To check if you're using the right API, make sure that it's starting with Check the API docs for more info.

Messaging API Docs

What will happen to my data?

Nothing. All your address books are stored in a separate app which you can just access.

Your sent messages data will remain available in your Messaging Log.

What will happen to SMS Campaigns?

All the features of SMS Campaigns are available in Campaigns.

SMS Campaigns will remain available until September 16, 2019. After that you can still review analytics until January 1, 2020.

What will happen with Send Messages?

All the features of Send Messages are available in Campaigns.

Send Messages will remain available until September 16, 2019. After that you can only use Campaigns to send messages.

What happens with my existing templates?

Your existing Send Messages templates will not move to the new Campaigns app. If you would like to use your current templates, you will need to recreate them in Campaigns.

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