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Financial institutions, Insurance companies and Fintech startups demand a better global service and targeted marketing, but – as cyber-fraud increases worldwide – also an extra layer of security.

CM provides SMS and Voice solutions for authentication, alerts, reminders or payment notifications, all from one Platform.

Insights whitepaper

CM Telecom has worked with CA Technologies and Finextra to produce a whitepaper about the opportunities and challenges of PSD2.

Why choose CM's Finance Sector solutions?

CM offers everything you need for your financial and/or transaction solutions

Global Reach

Communicating instantly worldwide is important when your customers want to verify a login session or transaction. To guarantee this, CM is connected with over 60 direct operator connections to ensure a 90% delivery within 10 seconds.


Immediately insight in your traffic, using the analytics tool, enhances customer satisfaction and gives you the opportunity to act on real time trends. The in-house Network Operations Center is 24x7 standby for support.

Simple Integration

A simple integration makes it easier to get started quickly and reach your audience. You can connect the SMS and Voice Gateway with every platform or application. When there is no developer available you easily send your messages directly from the website.

Security Features

To ensure safe and secure mobile communication is key. By choosing a recognized security partner, CM supports mandatory authentication (PSD2) for electronic transactions or co-worker login-sessions for digital portals. Next to a secure VPN connectivity or HTTPS connection, a GEO IP location API is available.

How we help the Finance Sector move forward

2 Factor Authentication

One Time Passwords (OTP) are send via Push, Voice and SMS messages. – making any login procedure or transaction far more secure. Thanks to mobile phone ownership this strong customer authentication (2-factor authentication) method is PSD2 compliant, cheaper and more accessible for everyone.


Transactional platforms in the Purchase-to-Pay, Electronic Trading or Wealth Management domain provide increasing transparency to clients on a specific transactional status or change. Communicate to any client globally and instantly (<10s.) any Alert, as defined by you.


Innovative startups in the financial industry, Fintech companies, are moving an industry forward. That needs a fast, safe and simple integration for Mobile payments and 2-factor authentication via SMS, Push and Voice. It provides solutions for mobile, online and in-app transactions.

Treasury and Risk management

Institutions need to manage liquidity and financial risk management. Providers of Treasury and Risk management systems (TMS) enhance their exception handling components with mobile messaging solutions. Mobile messages as Confirmations, Alerts, Notifications or Overdue’s.

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