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With the public’s charity engagement in decline, charities must adapt quickly and make donations easier, more accessible and, where traditional street collections are used, less intrusive.

We have proven that charities are more successful in fundraising when they implement our mobile platforms. Our experience in the mobile solutions sector and our multiple platforms are the solution, both now and in the future.

Why other charities choose CM for fundraising

Read the inspiring examples of international charities that set up low-threshold fundraising campaigns.


In the lead-up to the 'Take The Crown' tour, pop star Robbie Williams called on his fans to support UNICEF with a donation. In a personal video appeal to them, Williams asked his fans to send a text to 4666. In doing so, each fan donated one euro to UNICEF.

KWF Cancer Research Society

The KWF Cancer Research Society uses SMS donations during its annual cycling event, Alpe d'HuZes. Donors can give money by texting the name of their supported rider and the donation amount to a short code.


The smartphone app whydonate offers charities its platform to make donations easier. With one simple click, a charity and an amount can be selected by the user, with Microincasso processing the transaction through their bank account. Simple. Clever. Secure.

3FM Serious Request

During the annual Red Cross charity event in the Netherlands, radio station 3FM uses SMS to enable donations. Thanks to our Microincasso (InstantPay) platform, all of the donations for Serious Request can be processed with one simple SMS.

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