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Across Europe, public services are becoming increasingly accessible. To keep up with the private sector needs and the citizens expectations, governments and public bodies increasingly improve their digital and mobile presence.

For numerous practices governmental departments, agencies and public bodies find their way to the CM platform. Whether it’s VAT reminders per SMS, One Time Passwords for authentication during login processes or citizen SMS alerts.

CM seamlessly integrates mobile applications at government institutions making it possible for public bodies to interact and communicate with citizens on their mobile phones.

Why other government agencies trust CM

Dutch National Police Force

‘Citizens Alert’ is a partnership between the Dutch police, local authorities and the Dutch citizens. In the case of a missing person or another incident, the Dutch police can send a SMS to ask citizens to be aware. This has led to a drop in crime rates and an increase in the recovery of missing persons.

Democratic Alliance

Political party Democratic Alliance (DA) in South Africa has chosen CM’s Hybrid messaging solutions to interact with voters, campaigners and to secure its IT infrastructure with One Time Passwords through SMS and Push.

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

During times of emergency the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs uses CM’s platform to send a SMS alert to its citizens abroad. One example were the Bangkok riots. In that case the Dutch government sent a SMS alert to Dutch travelers in Thailand to warn them and to advise to avoid the city center.

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