Efficient Healthcare and cost reductions

Strategic mobile solutions for Healthcare

You can achieve both cost reductions and a more efficient Healthcare business with our mobile platform. There are many effective uses of mobile and mHealth.

Even something as simple as reminding patients to attend an appointment via mobile messaging, can elevate your care above and beyond.

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Why others in Healthcare choose CM.com

Meander Medisch Centrum

Meander Medisch Centrum uses CM’s mobile payment technology for their premium hospitality service - PayTV. Patients activate and pay for the television service via their mobile device.

Appointment reminders

The Medical Center Haaglanden reduces no-shows by remembering patients to their appointments with SMS. The results spoke for themselves: In 9 months, no-shows were down from 8% to 4%.

Great savings in Healthcare with mobile and mHealth

Cost reducing and efficient processes are easily realized by implementing SMS. The Westfriesgasthuis in the Netherlands reminds patients to remain sober one day before their operation.


Quli runs a personal digital health environment for patients and healthcare professionals. CM provides secure online access via two factor authentication which has the added benefit of cost savings by combining SMS and push messaging.

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