Efficient Healthcare and cost reductions

Achieve both cost reductions and a more efficient Healthcare business with our mobile platform. There are many effective uses. Even something as simple as reminding patients to attend an appointment via mobile messaging can elevate your care above and beyond.

Mobile makes business operations efficient and reduces costs in Healthcare.

Our platform can also send changes to work schedules and also provide One Time Passwords (OTP) for secure login sessions via your online administrative portal. By implementing a technology as simple as SMS, cost reductions are seen across the business. And mobile communications for Healthcare is a growing trend.

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Why others in Healthcare choose CM

Logo Meander_medisch_centrum

Reduce patient stress

The Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital in the Netherlands increases comfort for patients by using an SMS call system.

Logo Medisch Centrum Haaglanden

Appointment reminders

The Medical Center Haaglanden reduces no-shows by remembering patients to their appointments with SMS.

Logo Westfriesgasthuis

Reminder for fasting patients

The Westfriesgasthuis in the Netherlands reminds patients to fast one day before their operation.

Logo Quli

Use case Quli

Quli runs a personal digital health environment for patients and healthcare professionals. CM provides secure online access via two factor authentication which has the added benefit of cost savings by combining SMS and push messaging.

Our latest news for the healthcare

How to reduce appointment no shows with SMS or Push reminders

It’s no secret that missed appointments are a frustration for every business. The success of your business, whether it be a beauty salon, dental practice or restaurant, depends on your customers.

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Case Study: Positive effects of sms notifications in Healthcare

The no-show phenomenon in healthcare is on its way back because of sms text message reminders. This not only improves efficiency and saves money, but also involves a patient, who sees the notification system as a user-friendly service.

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The positive impact of mHealth on individuals, society and business

mHealth can in many ways have a positive impact on people’s health and lives and improve businesses process. Therefore, healthcare organisations are no exception to delivering user-friendly and compelling mobile experiences for more engagement and an improving medication adherence. Below, we’re highlighting some examples and case studies of how mobile and healthcare work seamlessly together.

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MultiBel and CM simplify alarms and communication in crisis

Experience has shown that the alarming and communication of first responders is often not appropriately set up. During exercises as well as during calamities the communication is insufficient in 80% of the cases. The result of this is that evacuation is started much too slowly and that emergency services arrive at the wrong place or find themselves in front of locked gates.

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