Mobile Engagement For Retail

Turn Casual Shoppers Into Brand Loyal Customers

A major part of a seamless customer experience is being available on all your customers’ preferred communication channels. At CM, we offer a complete communication platform with all the marketing tools to engage your customers.

Modern Customer Engagement

Shoppers are everywhere. So how do you get their attention?

To engage modern shoppers it is important to get the right type of message across at the right time via the marketing channel which they prefer.

Whether it be SMS, Push, Social Apps, WhatsApp or E-mail, they should all be considered in the marketing mix of automated campaigns.

Sometimes a gentle nudge is all it takes to convert a prospective customers.

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Prevent Abandoned Shopping Bags

Did you know, the average abandonment rate for eCom shopping carts is 68%? It’s disappointing to think of getting a customer all the way to their shopping cart, only to lose them at check-out. 

With an open rate of 98%, it makes SMS a very effective way to win back customers (provided they have opted in). Have a mobile shopping app? Deliver your message via Push using our Hybrid Solution and save 50% on your send.

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Better Security with Hassle-free Authentication

  1. Secure Login

  2. Multi-channel Delivery via SMS, Push or Voice

  3. Worldwide Reach

  4. 24/7 Support To Ensure 2FA is Always Available


Real-time Messaging Analytics

  1. Monitor speed, delivery and conversion rates

  2. Direct recognition of possible bottlenecks in SMS traffic

  3. Remarketing to non delivered and non converted customers

  4. Free for all CM Customers

CM Messaging Analytics

Get to know your customers with CM Data

Marketing is changing. Customers are expecting relevant and personal messages. As a marketer you can only do this by really getting to know your customers. But how do you do that when the customer information is scattered over multiple data sources? With CM Data you can connect multiple data sources into one unified customer profile. You will have real time insights into your customers data and behaviour.

CM Data
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