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Casual shoppers into loyal customers

A major part of a seamless customer experience is being available on all your customers’ preferred communication channels. We offer a complete communication platform with all the marketing tools to engage your customers.

How to effectively engage modern shoppers?

Shoppers are everywhere, so how do you get their attention?

In today’s digital-first world, where consumers expect instant service and immediate results, it is vital that brands take the same approach when it comes to delivering seamless customer service over digital channels.

To effectively engage modern shoppers is to get the right type of message across at the right time via the channel which they prefer - start by integrating a clever multi-channel messaging approach into your marketing mix of automated campaigns.

Customer across multiple channels

One platform for multi-channel messaging

Our Business Messaging API combines multiple messaging channels such as SMS, WhatsApp Business and more into a single platform. Add our API into your existing software, or use our Customer Contact tool, designed to make life for the customer care agent a lot easier.

Combine SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger and Email into one dashboard. This dashboard creates order in the overload of communication channels. Need marketing to handle a question rather than customer service? Seamlessly transfer chats to other departments.

Multi-channel messaging

Prevent abandoned shopping bags

Did you know, the average abandonment rate for eCommerce shopping carts is 68%? Email has long been an important tool to recover abandoned bags, but new multichannel solutions are growing in importance. For starters, SMS's 98% open rate makes it a very effective channel to win back customers.

Moreover, the new WhatsApp Business solution offers even more possibilities - reduce pressure on customer care while optimising customer experience. With a valid opt-in and pre-approved Message Templates you can easily add the channel which your customers use daily as your abandonment bag channel.

Multi-channel messaging

Back to basics with Campaigns

Campaigns is an intuitive online interface to easily send out SMS messages and campaigns - a solution that is dedicated to non tech-savvy users that want to engage with their customers.

Campaigns features include unique links, mobile landing pages (free), surveys and more and with address book you can easily manage all your contacts and their opt-outs via one central place.

Get to know your customers

Marketing is changing. Customers are expecting relevant and personal messages. As a marketer you can only do this by really getting to know your customers. But how do you do that when the customer information is scattered over multiple data sources? With CM Data you can connect multiple data sources into one unified customer profile. You will have real time insights into your customers data and behaviour.

CM Data

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