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It's important to keep up with the innovations of multi-channel communication but what if your software doesn’t support all these channels, your development capacity is limited and employees struggle to manage all communication screens?

With the Business Messaging API, plugin or platform app you can communicate with your customers via all their preferred channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and more.

Decrease the time spent to help each customer, combine all channels into one platform.

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Work efficiently

Add rich content like maps, media and buttons to your communication to support and enhance your message.

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Connect existing software

Enable customer service via all communication channels with existing software using our Business Messaging API.

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Save on integration costs

Connect to one well documented API or use our SDK’s to get started. Our SIP Trunk offers the sharpest rates for premium routes.

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Opt for software scalability

You only have to connect to our API once. If you want to add a new channel it can be done in no time.

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