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More and more consumers turn to their smartphone when planning their trip or holiday. The possibilities of mobile are recognised by many tour operators, travel agencies, airline companies and hotel chains. But how can you use these possibilities for personal interaction with the consumer? And how can you use the available data to increase retention and benefit from all cross-sell chances?

CM offers many solutions to increase your revenue, enrich the customer experience and grow customer satisfaction. Our sector specialist is here for you with a custom advice on how to stay ahead of your competition.

  1. Grow your revenue
    Inform your customer about the possibilities for a room upgrade, local excursions of seat reservations and make payments as easy as can be.
  2. Enrich the customer experience
    Send your customer real-time information about his journey and make sure he always has all neccessary documents on him by sending these to his phone.
  3. Improve customer satisfaction
    Wherever your customer is, he expects you to be in reach anywhere and anytime. Accessible and efficient customer service for higher brand engagement and customer retention.

How the Travel & Hospitality sector can benefit from our platform?

SMS Campaigns

Keep your clients informed and make potential customers aware about your promotions and events. Increase the interaction with the customer through loyalty programs. This way you won't only increase brand involvement, but also the reach of your marketing campaigns.

With SMS campaigns you can send out last minute deals or take advantage of the high open rates of SMS by sending 24-hour promotions. There are many useful ways to integrate SMS marketing into the travel industry that will benefit both business and client.

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Flexible payments

Many travel companies still use outdated payment strategies and request full payment at once. Offering split payments can create a lower threshold for consumers with a smaller budget or for early bird bookings who don't like to pay the full amount months before the trip. Nevertheless multiple payments dates also ensure that a big part of the travel sum is paid faster without delays.

CM’s AutoCollect allows you to offer payments in terms without extra paperwork. Direct debit payments are automatically processed and missed payments are automatically rescheduled. Deadlines of the last payment are before the start of the trip which ensures no financial risks for the agency.

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Multichannel Messaging

Mobile messaging is one of the most effective ways to reach customers and offers a direct and personalised way of managing check-ins, organising bookings or greeting guests. Use cost effective Push notifications to confirm bookings, coordinate time changes through SMS and be available at any place and time on online platforms with our Customer Contact tool, so you can solve any customer issue before, during and after his travel.

With Multichannel Messaging you can offer valuable details to your customers about his reservation, travel information about his destination and send payment reminders in an efficient and cost-effective way.

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Rich Content Messages

Send mobile tickets, boarding passes, travel information via SMS in a more attractive way. With Landing Pages you can send attractive and easy to design mobile webpage with your SMS Campaigns.

With Landing Pages you can send offers about new destinations, alert guests about engaging services or send customers a courtesy message or questionnaire to rate their stay. The opportunities are endless. By adding rich content to your SMS your campaigns stand out from the competition and you’ll add an extra dimension to the customer experience.

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How other businesses in travel and hospitality use CM


Tuifly informs their crews abroad whether a flight will arrive and leave on the scheduled time. Calling them could disturb them in their rest scheme before flight departure therefore, they’ve been sending notifications via the SMS platform of CM and notifies them of any possible schedule changes without interfering in their resting schedule.

SafariNow is the largest hotel booking website in Southern Africa and uses CM’s services for SMS and E-mail notifications. SafariNow notifies both customers and sellers of new booking confirmations, incoming quotes, inquiries and cancellations via SMS. CM’s Platform provides them with a reliable and fast channel for rapid mobile communications.

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