Easily send Text-2-Speech and Audio Messages.

Voice Voice Campaigns

Reach your customers directly with a personal voice message

With our voice campaigns you can call out pre-recorded messages to your customers, completely automated, at any time during the week. A perfect way to give your marketing campaigns a more personal touch, without the hassle of manually calling individual contacts. 

Whether you're delivering appointment reminders, promoting events or sending one-time-passwords, send voice and text-2-speech messages within a few clicks as an addition to SMS and Push.

Simply create your account, upload an audio file and send to a few, or a few thousand.

  1. 1

    Automate Your Message

    Upload your recording and schedule a crystal clear call straight to your customers for a future date and time.

  2. 2

    Multi-channel Communication

    Optimise your reach and conversion rate by adding voice messages to your existing communication channels.

  3. 3

    Bulk Sending

    Our platform saves time by allowing you to upload and send in bulk.

From Voice Messages to Voice Calls

Now you can bring personalised call experiences to your customers quickly and affordably.

Create your own voice campaign within our web application using a reliable, tier 1 communications provider. With flexible and scalable pricing, you can choose to pay via pre-paid or post paid.

Ready to start calling?

How others use Voice Campaigns?

CM’s Voice Campaigns enabled us to call all our dealership employees in the Netherlands with a powerful marketing message. We made a voice recording with the Dutch celebrity Ruud de Wild. With this voice message, we’ve managed to engage all our colleagues in the national campaign.

John de Wit, Campaign Manager, Toyota

Our supporters really liked the introduction of recorded voice campaigns at NAC. It helped us to reach our supporters in a creative and personal way, that fits the club values. We are sure that it played it’s role in increasing our ticketsales.

Jasper Saeijs - NAC Breda

Personalise Your Voice Experience

What could be more touching and effective than a personal spoken message from a familiar voice? Be it a famous athlete or celebrity announcing the sale of event tickets, or a political leader promoting an election campaign - marketing attention guaranteed.

Close the loop by combining your voice campaign with a follow up SMS and Landing Page and watch your user experience as well as conversion rate grow.

After your campaign is sent, we'll provide you with detailed analytics.

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