Creditcard Acquiring Tenant Integration Guide

This guide supports the Tenants of our platform (for instance, a Payment Service Provider) during their integration that allows them to execute creditcard payments for their Merchants (for instance, a webshop). If you're not one of our Tenants but a Merchant, this guide is not for you. Please ask your Payment Service Provider for the correct documentation.

In case only a single Merchant is needed, can create it during onboarding. If larger number of Merchants are needed (eg if you are a PSP), you must use our API to onboard your Merchants onto our platform.

Once you have a Merchant, you can create a Charge on its behalf. We will automatically Authorize the required amount of money for you. After that, depending on your settings, we can automatically Capture the funds, or you can manually trigger this through our API. If, at any point, you decide you don’t want the money, you can Cancel the Charge.

This entire flow would look something like the following image. Details about each step can be found on the pages you see in the menu.