MT Webhooks Service

Receive your Message Body in your own systems. For various reasons you might want to use the CM-toolkit to send out large campaigns from our platform. This reduces the need on your end to built a full blown marketing suite in your own applications. Though, after sending the campaign you sure want to update your own systems (ie. CRM or Support Tooling) with the content of what you have send to who, and when you did this. Therefore we have built this webhook, return API. With the implementation of a few lines of code, and letting us know to where we must send this information you keep your systems in sync. Without heavy developments.

This feature is free of charge, though is not standard available for each customer. If you are interested in the implementation please request the access via your account manager, or our support desk. Your webhook token can be placed in the CM-Gateway app, where all your API settings are configured. Obviously the documentation is available for you, so you can already make the estimates. This feature is currently only available in json. If you want to use this feature in another format, please inform support or your account manager.

Term Description
To phone number to which you have sent the campaign.
From phone number from which the campaign was send, and to which likely replies will be send.
Body content of the message.
Webhook token Token to validate the authenticity of the requests. (configurable in the CM Gateway APP)
Custom Grouping CustomGrouping Value
Custom Grouping2 CustomGrouping2 Value
Custom Grouping3 CustomGrouping3 Value
Skill CustomGrouping3 Value.

JSON example:

   "from":"My Business",
   "body":"test message",
   "customGrouping": "cg1",
   "customGrouping2": "cg2",
   "customGrouping3": "cg3",