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If you want to ensure that the customer journey leads to your product or service, your customer must find you in every step.

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A Propos Mobile Customer Journey

The mobile customer journey: mobile companies go for the win

More and more consumers start and end their search on their mobile phone. So now that the mobile phone plays an increasingly important role in the life of consumers, the success of companies depends on their mobile presence. Mobile holds more opportunities for companies than you may think.

Mobile keeps growing

The number of mobile phones worldwide continues to grow. Moreover, the time we spend on our mobile phone increases. That's why we say that people are not only connected, but intertwined with their mobile phone. This makes it the perfect channel to reach consumers immediately and directly.

mobile growth

Mobile overtakes PC

Consumers increasingly search for their information online. Think of product information, offers and online reviews. Meanwhile, mobile has overtaken the PC in frequency of use by consumers. This means that the consumer must be able to easily find your company and all relevant information about your products via the smartphone. At least, if you do not want his customer journey to end at the competitor's shop.

mobile overtakes pc

Our vision on the future of the customer journey

A potential new customer. How do you ensure that his customer journey leads to your product or service? If you want to win this customer, he must find you in every step of his customer journey. 


Jeroen: “9 years ago, nobody was using SMS. Now, almost all companies do. From media to banks and employment agencies. With SMS, companies can inform, reach and interact with people. Consider the many marketing campaigns companies send out. With SMS, consumers can actually respond to what they receive. This is a true integration of mobile in your marketing campaigns.

What we see, is that companies that implement the possibilities of mobile, are more successful that those who do not. Companies that did not get on board with internet, no matter what field they’re in, are now less successful than those who did. Mobile is heading in that same direction.

Of course, SMS is the common denominator of mobile success. On mobile, calling comes first, and SMS quickly follows second. The mobile phone will be the remote control of life. In a few years, we will handle everything from that small device. Transactions, information, social interactions.

Going anywhere without a phone is already a thing of the past. When you leave your phone in the morning, you turn around to go and get it. Going out without your wallet is more likely than without your phone. And that difference will become only bigger in the future.

Companies can choose. Lead the way or get left behind. Without mobile, you choose to lag behind. Mobile internet, Bluetooth, Location, mobile payments. All these techniques are quickly evolving. The marketer must now decide which instruments he will use to reach his goals.”


Even though the end of SMS was predicted already at the time of the establishment of CM, CEO Jeroen van Glabbeek still doesn’t see the storm. Messaging services, Blackberry's and Twitter would also do the trick. "But we continued to invest continuously."

The SMS market is still growing at around 15 percent per year. This is mainly a result of the demand from businesses. They know SMS is reliable and fast. "And direct. You cannot reach the same result with other methods. It's just like calling", says Jeroen. "It can be more or less, but it remains a multi-billion dollar market."

SMS messages remain an important pillar of the company,, even in spite the arrival of Whatsapp. According to Jeroen, this has several reasons. "In the surrounding countries, consumers hardly use Whatsapp. Text messaging was free fairly quickly there, so Whatsapp did not add as much as in The Netherlands. In addition, many large companies send text messages. Companies such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Google, for example, have just started using SMS in the last one and a half years as extra security. And not to mention Whatsapp itself. Think about reminders of the dentist, DigiD, tancodes at banks and alerts of the police."


"The customer journey consists of a growing number of mobile touchpoints. These touchpoints go beyond customer contact. Mobile payments are becoming a vital part of customer success. Also, delivery updates and safe logins via the mobile phone are essential to your customer journey as consumers have gotten used to mobile's ease of use. Fortunately, it's not just the consumer expectations that rise. There are also more opportunities for companies to easily and optimally use all mobile touchpoints to optimise the customer journey."

We help companies to reach their audience via mobile phone

"Consumers clearly show a movement towards mobile. They want to find products via their mobile phone, pay via secure apps and contact companies through their usual channels.

It is up to companies to decide whether or not to service this. Although many companies do not yet believe it, technology is ready for this. At CM, we ensure that companies can now use this technique for each and every step in the customer journey. Because we enable all mobile touch points in the customer journey from one platform, you can not only meet but exceed the customer's expectations."

Jeroen Van Glabbeek - CEO and co-founder of

jeroen van glabbeek

Optimise the mobile customer journey from one platform

This is just a grasp of the solutions available to optimise your customer journey. Want to learn more about our products and how you can optimise your customer journey with the possibilities of mobile? Please contact us.

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