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30 avril, 2020


New Features

  • Sending links is always tricky. We had therefor disabled viewing/clicking on the links. With new technology, we can now check if the links you receive are safe. When you received and clicked an unsafe link, we will inform you. All other links are now directly clickable.
  • We will inform you on conversations that require your attention, by displaying the number of unread messages.
  • Per conversation, we will show when it started.

 Bug fixes and improvements

  • Are you working for multiple customers on our platform? We will now display you which accounts you can select to see results.
  • The Filter menu has been updated with new input fields, making filters more user-friendly.
  • The message count per conversation now shows the amount of unread messages.
  • Loading historic conversations, now also works when you scroll up in a conversation.
  • When you filter larger amounts of conversations the application shows a loading indicator.
  • Long words and hyperlinks are now wrapped inside the message.
30 avril, 2020



  • Work more efficiently and select one or more conversation(s) and apply the same action to all. This applies to the following actions: archive, add or remove tags, download conversations, and assign conversations.
  • We count the number of conversations under the ‘All’ tab. When you’ve implemented a Chat Bot, we also count how many conversations the Chat Bot is handling.
  • You are able to set the Opening hours of ‘My organization’ per day. Or, when you are open on the same hours every day, you can set them in one go. We also display your time zone, so you know exactly when the out of office messages are send internationally.
  • When you add a tag to a conversation, the given tag is now visible under the ‘Information’ section.
  • Since you can not assign conversations from the archive to agents, we have now removed this button.
  • When you want to take over a conversation from another agent, you can now do this by clicking on the 'Assign to me' option in the 'Assign to' dialog
  • When you want to assign a conversation, all agents are now visible in the dialog. We’ve included an indicator to show if the agents are currently online or offline.
  • When you hover over icons and images, we display information to clarify them.
  • When you make use of a Chat Bot, you no longer need to refresh the page continuously. When there are updates, we now refresh automatically so you always have the latest information when navigating through those conversations.
  • In settings, we updated the browser notifications area. When there are updates and you are not on the page, we will also show them in the favicon (browser icon).
  • In the Tags area, you can now also type to make your selection faster.
  • We now display the entry point (ie. Facebook page or WhatsApp number) in the dialogue overviews. This is helpful when there are multiple entries to your organization.
  • You can now export a conversation to a .CSV. You can do this via a bulk export in the ‘All’ tab - after applying filters.
  • When you had a previous conversation with a consumer, and we can identify a relation with a new chat (based on phone number or Facebook ID) we will add previous conversations in the conversation overview so you always have access to the full set of information.


Technical improvements

  • Migrated production environment to the new CM.com domain
17 mars, 2020



  • In settings the Routing page has now been updated, to the latest style as well.
  • The Tag box has been improved with a type/search functionality, when you have many tags it will now be easier to assign the right tag(s).
  • When there are multiple channels activated on your account, you might want to know where a conversation started from. Therefore the name of a Channel (ie. WhatsApp number, or Facebook page or Apple Brand) has been added to the chat window.
  • Not sure what all those icons mean, hover over them and find the explanation.


  • When you assign a chat to an agent, you can see All agents that have access to your customer contact. You can also see who is online or offline.
  • When you have had a conversation with the same ID (ie phone number or Facebook page) and archived this, you now have access to those chats again. This is used as reference, so you can pick up the conversation where you left it. In the statistics this counts as a new conversation, with its own start date and length.
  • You can now select one or more conversations, and apply the same task to them all with just one click. This now works for the assign functionality.

12 mars, 2020


Customer Contact Version 2.0

On March 16th, we will launch a new and improved version of Customer Contact. First thing you will notice, is the updated user interface, making the app easier to work with. But there are many more improvements we want to inform you about.

Our manuals and instruction documents have been updated. Find them here in our Help Center. Do you want to get access to all updates? Just click the "Beta" link on your screen. You can switch back and forth anytime.

New look and feel

All features from the old version still exist, but some have been moved to a more logical position within the interface (for example, the Conversation-ID). A few are still on their way, coming soon!

  • Sections - We already had sections for: ‘New conversations’, ‘Conversations you own’, and a list with ‘All conversations’. We've now added a section to keep track of ‘All active conversations’. Use this to help colleagues with co-viewing or by taking over conversations.
  • Chat bar - The bar you type in has become more user-friendly. When you type longer texts, you can now properly see a larger amount of text without scrolling.

Important bugs solved

  • When ‘user x’ is typing a message, or working on a conversation, and ‘user y’ assigns a conversation to himself or a team-member, the conversation for ‘user x’ will no longer face interruptions. This is an important bug fix, making it easier to work with a larger group of people in the same application/team. 
  • Copy Paste - We removed errors when you would copy and paste text. When you use Enter-function in your text to add blank lines, the user would receive your messages cluttered together again. This is now fixed for single messages, quick-replies, and out-of-office messages
  • Notification Badges - The badges to notify you on the number of conversations and messages have been improved. These badges will be updated realtime, so not only when you refresh or switch pages.

New Features

  • Unlimited Quick Replies - To help you work more efficiently, we offer Quick Replies. These are your most frequently given answers. Select Quick Replies instead of typing them over and over again. The limit of 5 Quick Replies was changed to unlimited. Group the quick replies, for instance per brand, team, functionality, or even language. In our User Manual, you can find out more.
  • Search - If you need to go back to a conversation, we have filters that help search through conversations. This way, you can see all messages coming in via a certain communication channel, for a team, and what is assigned to who. Also, you can search by Name.
  • Order of conversations - We used to list conversations oldest on top. But for the various team set-ups, we learned that it is better to offer sorting options for all incoming chats. You can now sort the conversations on who is waiting longest or who sent the message first.

Improved performance

  • When handling multiple chats, you may have experienced some slowness when opening tabs with a larger amount of conversations. This should no longer be the case, as we can now handle more chats.

When you have questions, contact us via [email protected]

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