Is it possible to send concatenated SMS messages?

Updated 2 years ago

Yes. Concatenation or ‘multi part messages’ allow for sending messages longer than 160 characters. The SMS gateway will cut the large message in multiple parts and the phone will fit them together again. When you use concatenation each message part is limited to 153 characters.

Web interface

The web interface will automatically send multiple messages when your total amount of characters exceeds the maximum allowance of a single message. You will be notified of the total amount of messages you will send below the message input field.


You will need to add a minimum and maximum of message parts using the <MINIMUMNUMBEROFMESSAGEPARTS> and <MAXIMUMNUMBEROFMESSAGEPARTS> paramaters in the MSG-element. See below for an example.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
            Using these settings we can send SMS messages that contain more than 160
            characters as if it is one message. Please do note that this limits the 
            length of one message to 153 character.


For MailSMS it is not possible to send messages longer than 160 characters.