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How can I connect Twitter to CM Customer Contact?

Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 3 years ago

Here, you’ll read exactly what steps to take to easily connect your Twitter account to the Customer Contact dashboard.

Visit the website and login with the account you want to connect. Click ‘Create new app’.

A new application will be created. Fill in the name of your application (this is the name your end user will see). Write a description that will also be visible for end users. Fill in your company website (including the http(s)://). Creating a callback URL is not mandatory.

Accept the agreement and click ‘Create your Twitter application’.

Your application has been created. Click the tab ‘Keys and Access Tokens’ next.

Scroll down this page and click ‘Create my access token’.

On this page you can find all the information you need to provide to CM Customer Contact to make the connection. Keep it safe.

On a new tab, open CM Customer Contact and head to the Settings – Channels menu. Click ‘Add channel’ to Twitter.

In this screen, fill in all the requested information. You can find all information on the page as shown above. Click ‘Link bot’ to make the connection.

Done! You are ready to send and receive direct messages via Twitter. Happy apping!

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