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How can I connect Telegram to CM Customer Contact?

Saskia Beukeveld
Saskia Beukeveld
Updated 3 years ago

Here, you’ll read exactly how you can connect your Telegram account to the Customer Contact dashboard.

Open Telegram on your phone or on your computer.

Find the BotFather account to start a conversation with the BotFather.

Click ‘start’ to get started in a conversation with the BotFather.

The BotFather will give you some options to have interaction. Use the command ‘/newbot’ to request a new bot. You will need one for a connection with Customer Contact. Reply to the BotFather with a new name for your bot.

Now, provide the BotFather with a username of this bot. Pay attention: The username has to end with ‘bot’. You will receive a token. Copy this piece of information, you will need it in CM Customer Contact.

Now, go to your CM Customer Contact dashboard. Find the ‘settings – channels’ menu and click ‘add channel’ to Telegram.

Provide the dashboard with the username (ending with ‘bot’) and the token you received from the BotFather. Click ‘Link bot’ to make the connection.

You have just connected your Telegram account to your Customer Contact service desk application, you can now start sending and receiving Telegram messages. Happy apping!

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