What are CC and CPS limits, and what they used for?

Updated 1 year ago

CC means ‘Concurrent Calls’ and stands for the total amount of live calls (including calls in calling state) you can have at the same time. A higher amount of concurrent calls, means a higher load on the CM Voice platform, as well as connected carriers. Therefore the amount of concurrent calls should always be limited for customers.

CPS stands for ‘Call setups per second’ and refers to the amount of calls a customer’s VoIP system or dialer can initiate in a single second. This is especially important to limit for customers that use predictive dialers. Such dialers, if not configured correctly, could create a high load on CM Voice platform and its carriers with 100s of call setups per second (e.g. during the start of the day).

A standard SIP account is limited on 5 CPS and 10 CC.